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Dash Race (iPhone) Review

In Short
For when you don't have a piece of paper handy...

The game's tutorial says this game could be played on paper. If that doesn't tip you off as to what you should expect then nothing will. In Dash Race you are 'simulating' car racing, which means the physics of a car are put to use within a game that you can theoretically play on real paper. If that sounds slightly confusing and a little boring, that's probably because it is.

A race starts easily enough; you start out going forward ' how can you possibly mess that up? But things get tricky in a hurry if you don't realize that you cannot go straight and use your maximum line distance as you approach a curve. You see, you have to start slowing down before the curve; you know, like in real life. So if you keep drawing a long line at a curve then you will soon crash and have to sit out rounds of movement. And of course the first to cross the finish line wins.

All of this is accomplished by having preset rules that weigh your velocity against possible outcomes of your next move. Choosing the longest lines mean you're accelerating, while drawing shorter lines means you're braking. You choose one out of nine possible dots that appear in front of your last line, with the middle dot being the same direction and length of your last move. It may sound confusing, but it's very simple in practice. The problem is the control scheme, which isn't horrible but you may cross up your intended commands frequently.

The basic tracks and playing against a single bot is not very fun, but when you try the other tracks and add in more racers you have potential for a good time. But this is a brutally tough game where so long as the starting racer doesn't mess up they should win every time. If you have friends in constant close proximity but don't want to play this game on paper, then this may be something to consider grabbing. Of course playing a real racing game or even chess may be more fun, but this game can be enjoyed by those who appreciate a good board or paper game.

Final Rating: 79%

Transmitted: 5/25/2018 10:25:40 PM