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Big Boss (iPad) Review

In Short
As an iPhone game this app may have had some real charm, but on the iPad, Big Boss just feels a little light and short on the thrills.

Have you ever wanted to switch places with the bad guys in a game? With the Big Boss gaming app you can create your own boss monster and turn the tables on those pesky warriors of righteousness. Thankfully, you dont have to abide by the normal rules of video games bosses:

1. Be the strongest thing within a given area.

2. Wait in one spot for long periods of time.

3. Provide waves of disposable allies down the only path to reach you.

4. Have a weakness.

5. Declare your superiority before every fight.

But sadly, this game does abide by these rules for the opposition. The truth is that this game is a fairly standard 2D beat-em-up with light role-playing elements.

The main appeal here is the cartoonish look, where you can make a cross between a giant Pokmon and an emoticon. You have light and heavy hits, a roll, and a grab, as well as deployable spells on long cooldowns. Youll spend most of your time going right, and at points your will be stuck with waves of defenders at your feet. They are tiny and dont do much damage, but in large numbers they are dangerous, especially if you are slow to counter-attack. The game isnt easy; you just need to learn how to roll a lot.

The only real complaint about this game are the controls, which will undoubtedly be crossed up often, but you have a large health pool that helps overcome the lack of precision control. It could also be said that possibly having to train in previous levels is a drawback, but given that all levels are basically the same routine, it doesnt matter. The only reason to train is if you run into a very difficult fight; with one solution being to level up.

Final Rating: 74%

Transmitted: 5/25/2018 10:16:13 PM