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The Great Prank War (iOS) Review

In Short
Too short, too easy, and just too regular to recommend.

Brilliant shows that border on the surreal never seem to translate well to video games, and Regular Show hasn't been an exception to this rule. In The Great Prank War the game's developers have tried to solve the problem of translating the show into a game by making a sequel of sorts to one of the show's episodes. In the episode 'Prankless', rival park East Pines and its manager Gene revive a prank war with The Park, a prank war that was almost lost until Muscle Man saved the day. In the game, Gene manages to travel back in time and kidnap Muscle Man before the war starts hoping that the second time around the outcome of the war favors his park. So we have a story worthy of the series here, but what about the gameplay?

The game itself is sort of a tower defense game. 'Sort of' because while it has towers, bases, and enemies that methodically march from one end of the level to the other, the game plays more like a simple brawler than a strategy game. Each level features Benson's car on one end (your base) and an enemy base or boss on the other. Between the two are a set of paths lined with enemy towers, all of which are prebuilt and ready to attack you (note: in the game attacks are called 'pranks', but I'll call them for what they are here to avoid confusion). You select two characters to use in the level, each of whom has their particular attack style and speed such as melee and slow or ranged and fast. Since this is a prank war, a melee attack can mean slapping an enemy with a dead fish and a ranged attack a toss of a roll of toilet paper. At first only Mordecai and Rigby are available, but you'll soon unlock Skips and even Muscle Man himself.

Each level plays out in pretty much the same way. You'll move your first selected character to the first enemy tower and attack it until it's destroyed. Once it's down, you'll build your own tower on the spot and then move on to the next one. After you've destroyed all of the enemy towers, the fence guarding the enemy base will drop and you can attack the base directly. You'll need to keep an eye on your character's health and when it drops too low you'll need to push the button that will switch you to the other character. Your first character will then heal while in the background and will be ready to be called back in when needed.

That's all there is to it. Enemies aren't much of a problem in this game as they don't seem to attack you unless you attack them first and your towers will take care of them before they get to Benson's car. You'll need to attack a few of them before you get your first tower built. But aster that they can be pretty much ignored unless you're trying to bag your quota to three-star the level. While they can take out one of your towers they can't rebuild their own tower on the spot, and you can rebuild it after a short cool down timer expires ' there aren't any resources to worry about in this game.

All of this makes the game pretty easy to get through, and you'll beat the entire thing (all sixteen levels worth) well within two hours of downloading it. Since there's no real variation to the game, it's hard to imagine anyone wanting to go back and replay any of the levels, even to pick sweep up any extra stars missed the first time through. The game's presentation is nice and there are a lot of little touches here and there that fans of the show will appreciate, but a game needs to deliver fun and challenge before fan service and The Great Prank War simply falls short on that.

Final Rating: 68%

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Transmitted: 5/24/2018 3:22:44 PM