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Sewer Escape (iOS) Review

In Short
Fun enough, but not necessarily enough fun to recommend.

Sewer Escape is an (almost) endless vertical jumper which, interestingly enough, is played with the phone held horizontally. At the beginning of the game you push a big red button to launch a hamster out of a cannon, and then you need to tap just below him every time gravity starts to take over to give him another boost upwards. Just getting the timing right to keep the hamster aloft is a little tricky, but it's made harder by various obstacles along the way. Since the game is played horizontally, you don't get much time to react to the hamster's movements or to the obstacles scrolling into view from the top of the screen.

Floating coins inhabit this hamster's world, and they can be collected by the hamster or by directly tapping or swiping them with a finger. Being greedy has its consequences, though, as you can easily miss the hamster while trying to grab a few extra coins. The coins can be used between games in the shop to purchase power-ups and bonuses to help you on your next game, and it's nice to see that all of the items in the shop are affordable in the sense that you can earn enough in a few rounds to purchase them. The game doesn't have to set the bar very high since it doesn't try to sell you coins through in-app purchases.

Rounding out the game is an extensive list of achievements and a Game Center leaderboard to compare your best score to that of friends and strangers.

Sewer Escape has a nice presentation, with bright, colorful cartoon like graphics and a fun sense of humor, and the game does what it does well enough. The problem is that it doesn't do that much. Every time you play it's the exact same thing over again. I know that that's the case with a lot of mobile games, but Sewer Escape seems to lack that certain something that will keep you coming back for more once the initial novelty wears thin.

Final Rating: 68%

Transmitted: 5/25/2018 10:16:56 PM