Pacific Rim (iOS) Review

Jason Nimer
In Short
A bad movie game that gives bad movie games a bad name.

I don't even know where to start with this one. Based on the summer alien vs. robot blockbuster, Pacific Rim on iOS not only copies a much better game and messes it up, it also manages to make what should be an easily awesome premise a complete almost unplayable mess. I haven't seen the film yet, but it couldn't be anywhere near as bad as the movie tie-in game ended up being.

Pacific Rim is, for all intents and purposes, complete plagiarism. Even moreso than the new LEGO franchise Chima is a bold-faced ripoff of Thundercats, and that's saying something. If you played Infinity Blade or its sequel on iOS, then you've already played Pacific Rim (albeit a much, much better version of it). Borrowing ideas and mechanics from other games is usually ok in my book, but this blatant rip-off doesn't even manage to succeed in emulating its predecessor; it is more like a bad parody of what Infinity Blade might have been if handled by a development team consisting of illiterate toddlers and that gorilla that learned sign language.

First off, the controls just do not work. The game expects you to fight monsters with a series of swipes and taps on the touch screen, a system that worked great in Infinity Blade. In Pacific Rim, most inputs either register too late, not at all or as a move that is anything but the one you intended. It could be easily argued that accurate controls are more important on the iOS platform than any other because of the lack of physical buttons. Pacific Rim fails on this front in just about every way.

As if the game's broken controls weren't enough, the IAP (in-app purchases) found here are totally heinous. Everything is for sale and next to nothing is (realistically) achievable through normal gameplay. You could play for hours, days or weeks and still not be able to purchase all the game's upgrades with in-game currency, but all of it is available for a fee. And that is on top of the $4.99 you'll need to cough up initially to purchase the game from the App Store. I'm not exaggerating when I say that making it past the game's third fight without springing for IAP is an impossible task, and the system in place in this game is a blueprint of everything wrong with the pay-to-play/freemium trend. And this game isn't even free!

So that's it. I really don't have a single good thing to say about Pacific Rim. I guess it runs without crashing too often, so that's a positive, right? Stay away from this game and go see the movie instead. Even if it is the worst film of the summer, it would still be Citizen Kane compared to its video game counterpart.

Final Rating: 10%

Transmitted: 7/4/2022 2:29:11 PM