Great Big War Game (iOS) Review

Andrew Reeves
In Short
Great Big War Game is an essential download for any fan of the strategy genre.

Full disclosure, I'm kind of a sucker for strategy games. I don't really know why, but everything from Chess to Starcraft makes my heart a little bit happier every time I get to play. I'm especially pleased when diving in to a new title doesn't incorporate a huge learning curve, because let's face it, not everyone has large amounts of disposable hours to throw at a screen (also, I guess it makes it easier for a wider audience to pick up). Since Great Big War Game already catered to two of these preferences, I could tell we were going to be in for a good time. Great Big War Game follows a standard set of turn-based strategy rules, making it easy for experienced individuals to pick up (you can probably skip every single screen hint and not miss much) but also has a fairly informative tutorial level to kick things off if you're a new to the genre. I'm not going to dive into the story at all because it was actually one of my least favorite parts of the game. While somewhat comical, there was no voice acting for any of the cutscenes (I hate reading through my video games) and I honestly lost interest about 3.5 seconds in. Luckily though, everything else is well prepared so the story is unnecessary. In the graphics department, there's not much to complain about. Troops move around with a good frame rate, and the effects are more detailed than I was expecting (muzzle flash, craters from explosions, etc). I mentioned the lack of voice acting during cutscenes earlier, but they are present in-game and often hilariously over the top. The music tracks throughout are fairly repetitive and I ended up turning it off from the settings menu. The 50 campaign levels (some of them taking at least 30-45 minutes to complete), the skirmish/free-play mode, and two multiplayer modes using another 15 maps, give you plenty of reason to shell out a few bucks for this one. And if for some reason that's not enough, you can pick up a total of 55 additional multiplayer maps and a color customization tool as add-on packs. Bottom line, while there are some aesthetics that didn't really make the grade, they have almost zero effect on the gameplay value and that makes this an essential download for any strategy fan.

Final Rating: 92%

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Transmitted: 4/25/2019 10:35:21 PM