Adventure Time - Legends of Ooo: Big Hollow Princess (iOS) Review

Ned Jordan
In Short
Your adventure time will be quite short.

Open in iTunesThe Ice King has frozen Hot Dog Princess, Slime Princess, and Princess Bubblegum, and it's up to Finn and Jake to save them. Yes, must be Adventure Time. Adventure Time - Legends of Ooo: Big Hollow Princess is, and probably quite appropriately so, an adventure game inspired by the classic point and click adventure games of old. On the positive side it's very faithful to the Cartoon Network show that it's based on and includes its signature sense of style and humor. All of the dialog by the main characters Finn and Jake are voiced which should further enhance its appeal to fans of the show, although it does seem a bit strange that not every character is voiced. Finn and Jake also visit some familiar locations from the series, but the background art in the game is not as detailed as the scenes from the animated show are. The game is a nice little treat for fans of the show, but there are a couple of knocks against it ' namely that it's very short and very easy.

As you play the game, you point and tap to where you want Finn and Jake to move, tap to pick up objects, and tap and drag the objects out of your inventory to use them. There's never really more than a couple of items in your inventory and it's always obvious when and where they need to be used, so there's no challenge to speak of to the game. Now I can see there being a point to a Cartoon Network game being easy enough for kids to play, but, seriously, my young nieces can figure out angles of attack while slingshotting birds at pigs and so aren't all that challenged by tapping on letters on the ground and dragging them onto a mailman. How about running a couple of tasks concurrently, having players combine inventory items, or tossing in a few mini games? Adult Swim has some pretty enjoyable iOS games available, so I know Cartoon Network can do better. As it stands, even kids will be able to finish this game in under half an hour, so it's best left to diehard fans of the show who can't get enough Finn and Jake in their lives.

Final Rating: 60%

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Transmitted: 6/23/2018 12:12:11 AM