Corsair Gaming MM300 (Gaming Mouse Pad) Review

Ned Jordan
In Short
A large format gaming mouse mat that will give your mouse plenty of room to roam.

When I first received the MM300 Extended Edition gaming mouse mat for review my first thought was, "wow, this thing is enormous!" The mat measures about a foot by three feet and is bigger than any mouse mat that I've used before. I decided to move my old gaming mouse to another computer and laid the mouse across my desktop with the keyboard on the left side of the mat and the rest of it dedicated to the mouse. The mat's surface is made of non-fraying cloth with the underside covered with non-slip rubber. The rubber does a good job of keeping the mat in place ' I never experienced any trouble with the mat moving or slipping on me ' but for the first few days the smell of the new rubber was almost too much to bear. After a few days the new rubber stopped venting gasses and I haven't noticed any odor since, but in retrospect I would recommend leaving it somewhere in a well-ventilated area for a few days before bringing it into the room in which you keep your computer.

New mouse mat smell aside, I quickly came to like using the MM300. The large surface area allowed me to keep the keyboard and mouse at the same vertical level while providing a nice and soft space for my hands to rest, both while typing and using the mouse. The mouse had plenty of room to roam and I never found myself moving the mouse off of the mat. While using my prior gaming mouse mat there were plenty of moments when enthusiastic moves while playing a game had me going over the edge of the mat, and those lost seconds spent recovering from the overshoot often led to disastrous results in whatever game I was playing at the time. The MM300 gave me plenty of room to move and freed me from having to give any thought as to where my mouse was at any given moment and whether or not I was in danger of "going overboard". I also liked the way that the mouse was able to glide effortlessly over the mat's surface. There's just the right amount of resistance to allow for quick movements while also preventing the mouse from slipping and sliding farther than intended, and the surface is perfect for getting the most out of high-precision gaming mice.

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While the mat's size and strong smell had me skeptical at first, the former turned out to be a great asset while the latter went away after a few days. I really like using the MM300, both for work and gaming, and it's now what I use with my primary gaming rig. If you've got the desk space for it, then I highly recommend that you give it a try.

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Transmitted: 12/9/2021 6:16:20 AM