Eagle Eyes Ultralite DT (Gaming Glasses) Review

Ned Jordan
In Short
Lightweight gaming glasses that help reduce eyestrain during extended gaming sessions without straining your nose and ears.
Gaming glasses combat the eye fatigue that can come with extended screen time, as well as helping to prevent your body's internal clock from being thrown off by the blue-tinged light TVs and other devices give off. There are a lot of gaming glasses available, but a lot of them are cheap and not very effective, slapping some yellow lenses on a frame and calling it a day. Of course, you can spend as much as you want to get high-quality glasses, but the trick is to find high quality glasses at a midrange price. I spent some time trying out the Eagle Eyes Ultralite DT computer glasses and they hit that sweet spot of price/quality, selling for about the same price as a new game.

The Ultralite DT glasses look like clear lens glasses, but when you put them on it's obvious that they are effective at reducing blue light. Blue hues are reduced and everything appears to be slightly more yellowish. This is noticeable in both the environment around you and your screen, where pure white tones take on a slightly creamy note. The glasses also come with an anti-reflective coating which cuts back on the harshness of monitor glare, which is particularly helpful if you prefer to play games in a darkened room. The effect is consistent across the lenses, so as you move your eyes the colors and glare reduction are consistent.

Eagle Eyes Ultralite DT

The Ultralite DT glasses live up to their name. The rimless lenses are attached by lightweight stainless steel at the bridge and temples, and I was able to wear them for extended periods of time without any discomfort, and I don't normally wear glasses so I'm not used to wearing them. The frameless design works well with multiple monitor setups because the lack of rims means that there's nothing blocking your peripheral vision and you can still view the other monitors without having to move your head.

The glasses include a nice zippered hard case and a soft-sided carry case with a drawstring. You also get a little maintenance kit that includes lens cleaner, a soft cleaning cloth, and a small keychain multitool that has both regular and phillips screwdriver heads to keep the screws on the glasses secure. I thought that I'd be using the cleaning kit on frameless glasses a lot, but I didn't smudge the lenses any more frequently than I did with other gaming glasses that I've used.

I've tried out a number of gaming glasses before, and the Ultralite DT are my new favorites. I like that they are light and comfortable, but especially that they are consistent across the lenses without any distortions or obstructions to vision at the peripheries. It's easy to forget that you're wearing them when you're involved in a game, which is one of the best things that you can ask for from your gaming glasses after the eye stress reduction. I do occasionally suffer from eye strain after a long day in front of monitors, and while I was using the Ultralite DTs they seemed to help prevent that from occurring. Hardly scientific proof that they work, but a good enough experience that I will continue wearing them for extended gaming sessions in the future.

Final Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Transmitted: 6/2/2020 9:11:37 PM