Them's Fightin' Herds - Texas (DLC) Review

Kevin "Berserker" Hall
In Short
Need more cowbell? This bull comes with all the cowbell you’ll ever need.

Mane6 has recently released a season pass for Them’s Fightin’ Herds with a total of four extra characters to come. So far the extra characters are Texas, Stronghoof and two unnamed characters. The season pass is available on all major platforms and it will give you access to the four new characters as they are released. Each of the new characters seem to come with their own unique stage as well.

The first of the season pass characters is Texas. If you’ve played the story mode, you’ll recognize this character as Arizona’s father. This bull is huge and as we all know, with big bodies comes big hitboxes and hurtboxes. As you’d expect, Texas is slow, but very powerful. It’s surprising the amount of movement and range that this fighter has. He has a move where he can charge forward and perform an attack or cancel the charge. This alone is basically like a dash. He also has a command grab (very damaging) and a ground pound. His ground pound has an extra attack that can be done (by performing the command again) that will add an extra hit as the opponent flies into the air.

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His magic attack is amazing. He shoots out his cowbell (attached to a rope) and can pull in his opponent from long range. This attack seriously reaches all the way across the screen. This move can be done in the air or on the ground. It can be used to pull opponents out of the air as well. His super move causes him to bull charge forward and knock the enemy into a pillar that appears behind them then whip them with his cowbell. The level two version causes pillars to appear on both sides of the arena so that there is no escape from the big bull. His level 3 super is a grab where he will knock the opponent into the air and then jump up after them and plow them down into the ground with his horns.

Texas’ stage is a desert area with a surrounding caravan. It has some great scenery of rock formations behind the caravan and is quite colorful and bright. Texas is one heck of a fighter. This bull combines heavy damage, good range, and fast movement into one huge bull that can definitely take a hit. His main flaws are his slow attacks and (of course) he is one big target. Texas is a fantastic first character for the season pass. Let’s hope the fighters that follow are just as good!

Final Rating: 90%

Note: A review code for this game was provided by the publisher.

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Transmitted: 12/2/2023 8:21:41 AM