Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror (DLC) Review

Kevin 'Berserker' Hall
In Short
Tunnels of Terror is OK, but come on, you can do better than this Turtle Rock!
Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror

Back 4 Blood is either a hit or a miss for most gamers it seems. Overall, I really enjoyed it and you can check out my review for the main game here on The Gamers’ Temple. Tunnels of Terror is the first of the three Download Contents (DLCs) announced for the game. The content can be accessed by buying the Annual Pass or by buying the content separately. While it’s good to have more Back 4 Blood content, this first DLC is rather mediocre.

Tunnels of Terror offers new areas called “Ridden Hives”, 2 new playable characters, new Legendary Weapons, 12 weapon skins, new cards, 8 premium skin and some “new” Ridden called “Warped Ridden. The 2 new characters and overall new items are easily the best part of the DLC. It’s always good to have new characters added to the roster and you can unlock new cards, skins and weapon skins. All of this is great.

The new areas are the most disappointing parts. The Ridden Hives are optional areas that will take you to a dark underground Ridden Hive filled with new Ridden enemies. Once you see the “new” enemies, they aren’t all that appealing. They are literally reskinned existing Ridden types. Some of the new Ridden have different AI patterns, which is nice, but they there is nothing here visually that you haven’t seen before. Ridden Hives can appear in any stage and your team has a choice (all must choose) to check them out or not.

Ridden Hives are filled with high-powered weapons and items that you can find while exploring them. There are also totems that you can find and bring out of the Ridden Hives in order to unlock more bonuses. Totems require a player to equip them in exchange for their current weapon. You can attack with the totem and must get to the goal area while holding it in order to bring it out of the hive.

It’s nice to see some bonus content and it’s great just to have more Back 4 Blood content overall, but this first DLC feels lackluster. The Ridden Hives literally feel like content that should have been in the game in the first place or been added with a free update. The new characters and new items are easily the best part of the DLC. Hopefully the upcoming DLC will be a better than this one. Tunnels of Terror is not totally bad, but it’s not exactly fantastic.

The Good:
+ New skins and other extra content

The Bad:
- The new Ridden are just reskins of existing Ridden
- The new Ridden Hives aren’t all that interesting in design

Final Rating: 60%

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Transmitted: 5/29/2024 5:52:38 PM