Immortals Fenyx Rising - Myths of the Eastern Realm (DLC) Review

Ned Jordan
In Short
A few new gods and some new skins, but it’s still Immortals Fenyx Rising.
Myths of the Eastern Realm

The second DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising, Myths of the Eastern Realm, is a complete departure from the original game and its first DLC, at least as far as the story (and setting) go. Fenyx is nowhere to be seen, and we’re not in Kansas, or rather Greece, anymore. The hero of Myths of the Eastern Realm is a young warrior named Ku – there are no customization options in the DLC, so Ku is only playable as a male – whose world has been struck by a disaster not too dissimilar from the one that befell Fenyx’s Greece. The balance between heaven and earth has been broken and in the ensuing disaster humans have all been turned to clay – all except for Ku, that is. With the aid of the mother goddess Nuwa, Ku sets out to restore the balance and save the world.

Myths of the Eastern Realm is aware that you’ve probably spent a significant amount of time with Immortals before diving into the DLC, so you won’t have to start from scratch with Ku. He’s already an accomplished warrior at the opening of the story, so you’ll instantly have access to a full repertoire of skills and attacks. And since these are essentially the same as they were for Fenyx, you’ll have no trouble hitting the ground running in your first battle. Godly Powers have new names – we’re working with a different mythology here, after all – but they have the same actions/effects as before. There is something new here, though. A God Seals system allows you to essentially build a power meter through your attacks and once you hit the highest tier you’ll be able to unleash the Blades of Huang Di or the Axe of Yan Di attacks. Overall, though, Ku’s attacks and skills are Fenyx’s, but with new names.

The recycling extends to the world of Myths of the Eastern Realm as well. All of the monsters and enemies that you face will be familiar, but different. You’ll have no trouble recognizing them from Immortals Fenyx Rising even though they’ve been given new skins and new names, and your battles with them will be familiar as their attacks have remained the same. The same extends to the environments. The game’s twin islands of Bu Zhou and Peng Lai have environments similar to those of Aphrodite’s and Mars’, and the building complexes and villages are similar in style to the original game, but skinned with an Eastern architectural style. The Vaults of Tartaros have been lifted from the underworld and changed to cloud temples in the sky, and the platforms transformed to floating clouds. Most of the puzzles will feature familiar mechanisms, but there are a couple of new things here. Some blocks can be flipped between a large and a small size changing their weight in the process, there are stamina-draining zones, and sticking with the sky-focused theme, there are now air-based puzzles that involve redirecting streams of air. These new mechanics lend some novelty to the puzzles, but the challenge level is about the same as it was in the original game. You’re still spending more time methodically working your way through the puzzles than you are having to think about them.

Ku’s personality is not all that far off from Fenyx’s – you can certainly see the two of them getting along quite well with each other. The DLC also maintains the spirit of levity of the main game’s story, but it’s primarily driven by Ku with a little support from the dragon spirits Ni and Hong. There are no narrators in Myths of the Eastern Realm, and the game’s primary gods Nuwa and Gong Gong are more straightlaced than the Greek pantheon as presented by Immortals Fenyx Rising. I suppose that there’s a running joke of sorts throughout the DLC in that Nuwa is continually warning Ku not to do something, Ku does it, and then Nuwa admonishes him and tells him the next thing not to do, but it’s a poor substitute for the banter between Zeus and Prometheus.

Myths of the Eastern Realm is enjoyable enough – if you didn’t have fun with the original game, I doubt you’d be reading this review in the first place – but there’s no mistaking it for something more than a DLC extension to a game. The reskinned assets make the DLC feel like you’ve merely traveled to another island off the shore of the Golden Isle, despite your interaction with a couple of new gods from a different mythology. Story padded with repetitive gameplay. Good to see a nod to a new mythology, but the game may have been better served by more Fenyx.

Final Rating: 70%

Note: This DLC was reviewed on PC using a gamepad to play.

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