Mortal Kombat 11: Spawn Character (DLC) Review

Kevin "Berserker" Hall
In Short
Spawn is back from hell and ready for Mortal Kombat!

Along with the release of Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) Neatherrealm Studios (NRS) offers a kombat pack (character pass) with a total of six upcoming DLC characters. The pass can be bought separate or in a bundle with the main game on all platforms or you can buy each character separately. The pass also includes extra skins and gear with the release of each character. Players that have the character pass are offered the characters one week before those that choose to buy them separately. The lineup of DLC characters are Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, The Terminator, Sindel, The Joker, and Spawn.

Spawn is the sixth DLC character, the third of the three guest characters and the overall final character in the first character pass. Spawn is easily one of the most popular comic book characters from Image Comics. He was originally an assassin named “Albert Simmons” but was killed and sent to hell. While in hell, Simmons makes a bargain with the devil (Malebolgia) to become his hellspawn and serve him in exchange for seeing his wife once again. Simmons (now Spawn) is returned to the living world with a badly burned body and stripped of his memories and he also has a demon guardian, the Violator. If his powers are depleted, Spawn will be sent back to hell, so he conserves his power and becomes an anti-hero for the rest of his time in the living world.


Expectations for Spawn were high once he was named in the list of DLC characters for MK11. His only other appearance in a fighting game was SoulCaliber II (Xbox version) along with his many other appearances in his own video games. Spawn uses his cape, chains, and necroplasm powers often during his moves in MK11. He’s quite flashy, as expected from NRS. Without a variation, Spawn has a necro blast (projectile), a dashing grab, a two-hit mace swing and a close-range burning attack. His overall gameplay is kind of slow and he’s a mid-range type of character. Many of his normal attacks hit from an extended range to keep his opponent at a distance.

Spawn’s tournament variations are From Hell, The One, and Hellspawn. From Hell gives Spawn two submachine gun attacks. He can fire his machine guns low or upward – the low blast takes the place of his necro blast. Both of the moves can be enhanced to make him walk forward while shooting both submachine guns – same animation for both. His other move in this variation is a mid-air cape strike where he extends his cape forward while falling – it takes up a good amount of air space in front of him. The One gives Spawn a gliding move that gives him extended air time while he glides forward with his cape – this can be shortened and he can attack anytime during this. The other move is a forward rush with spikes sticking out of him which can be amplified for more damage. With the Hellspawn variation, Spawn gains a mid-range throw. Spawn sends out his chain to grab his opponent. The throw can be amplified for more damage and a player can choose to turn invisible for a short amount of time after the throw. Also, in this variation, Spawn gains a move where he digs his hand into the ground and pulls up a chain that sends a fire wave toward his opponent. The final move for Hellspawn is an uppercut with his chains – this is a literal stance. The move can be delayed, canceled and you can change it to a low hit that turns into a grab (this can be amplified).

While I must stay that I was expecting Spawn to more of a nimble-like character rather than tank-like, he is quite a unique fighter. He’s more complicated than he appears once you start to play as him, but he definitely shows promise. He has three very interesting variations that help out his mid-range game well. If you’re a fan of the character, you definitely need to give Spawn a try since you’ll most likely love some of his comic references – such as carrying Violator’s head into battle. Toby Keith (from the Spawn HBO series) does the voice of Spawn also! Overall, he is definitely a fun guest character and was worth the wait.

Final Rating: 90%

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Transmitted: 2/24/2021 4:24:23 PM