Street Fighter V: Falke Character (DLC) Review

Kevin Hall
In Short
Falke is yet another psycho powered character that has been added to the SFV roster and just as enjoyable as the rest.

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V will come with a third season of extra characters for 2018. The character lineup for this season is Sakura, Blanka, Cody, G, Sagat, and Falke. All characters are obtainable by purchasing the third season pass or using fight money (or zenny) to buy the characters from the in-game shop. All characters come with a premium outfit and they come with all available colors for their default and premium outfit.

Falke made her first appearance in Ed's story mode and she is now the latest playable fighter in SFV. Falke and Ed have a lot in common from hairstyle and the way they both dress (uniform and hat). She wears turquoise lipstick and eye shadow to match her eye color. Falke carries around a staff that is called 'Harmony'. Due to her training, she is both a strategist and a perfectionist and she also shares Ed's distaste for Bison after being experimented on by the Illuminati.

Falke's fighting style is bojutsu, which was also practiced by Eagle. She infuses her staff with psycho power for some of her moves. She is basically a mid-range character for the most part. Falke has a projectile attack that players can perform by holding a punch button and letting it go in the air, on the ground or while ducking for a different type of projectile attack. She has an uppercut and vaulting kick that can be performed on the ground by tapping two punch buttons or two kick buttons respectively. Her uppercut and vault kick are her only special moves that have EX capabilities.

Her V-skill causes her to twirl her staff in front of her. She can cancel into this move from some of her normal attacks and she can cancel a projectile while V-trigger is not active. While her V-trigger is active (either one) she reflect normal and EX projectiles. Her first V-trigger is called 'Staerkin' and gives Falke access to extra projectile attacks. Tap the V-trigger buttons to perform a fast projectile in the air, on the ground or while ducking for the duration of the V-trigger. 'Psycho Angriff' is Falke's second V-trigger and this allows her to perform an extra staff melee attack in the air or on the ground while the V-trigger is active. The starting animation for the second V-trigger will also hit her opponent for some pretty good damage.

Falke is an overall fun character and a good choice if you're the type of player that enjoys a mid-range character. She is slower than many of the other female characters but she makes up for that with her range and ability to control space with her projectiles and other long range special moves. Many of her normal attacks have good range as well.

Final Rating: 85%

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Transmitted: 12/14/2018 5:55:55 PM