Prey: Mooncrash (DLC) Review

Kevin Hall
In Short
If you enjoyed Prey, Mooncrash is definitely worth a try.

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: N/A

Prey easily stood out as one of my favorite games of 2017 with its overall immersive world and fun gameplay. At E3 2018, Bethesda announced many improvements for Prey, such as a New Game+, bug fixes, and upgraded graphics for newer systems. Along with the improvements is the paid Mooncrash DLC. Mooncrash is a survival mode mini-campaign separate from the main game.

Players take on the role of Peter on a spy satellite that is orbiting the moon. The Pytheas facility on the moon has stopped transmitting and it is up to you to find out what happened. Peter must use a computer simulation to put himself in the position of five Pytheas employees and complete objectives from their viewpoint. You are basically deciding the story of the mode based on how you play ' who lives and who dies.


The most unique part about the Mooncrash is that the enemies, items, and hazards will change with each playthrough. The general map layout remains the same ' there are four major areas to explore. You get to choose how you escape from the facility or if you escape at all. The main objective (besides escaping) is to build-up points by killing Typhon and performing objectives so you'll be able to buy more items for your next character. There is a total of five characters to choose from that you'll unlock as you progress through the mode. Each character has their own unique stats and starting equipment. Naturally, you'll lose out on some points for dying, but the point system in the game allows players to gain points from performing certain tasks up until the point before death, which is good since you'll be dying a lot at first.

The overall gameplay to Mooncrash is the same as the main story, but the DLC has many added enemies and items. The Moon Shark is one of the first of the new enemies that you'll find and it is quite hard to avoid at first. Since the enemy positioning is randomized, you'll never quite know what types of enemies you'll fight in the upcoming areas so planning out your approach based on what items you have is a big factor. Once you start a simulation, the items planted in the areas will remain the same as you go down the character line-up, so if you hog all the items with one character, your other characters won't have as many items available for pickup since they don't respawn in between simulations.

There is also a time limit in which the simulation is overloading with Typhon energy and this will eject you from the simulation if you don't escape with each character before time runs out. The timer starts on your second playthrough. The problem with the timer is that Prey is the type of game that requires planning and exploration and the timer rushes players too much in survival stages that are already hard enough. There should be a way to turn off the timer ' maybe playing with a timer could give us more points if we decided to do so.

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Prey Mooncrash is a lot of fun for those that like challenging gameplay where you are limited in resources and have to think a bunch on the fly with limited time, but the DLC is not for everybody. If you're the type of player that likes to take your time, the timer will likely drive you nuts and there is no way to turn it off. Either way, Mooncrash offers a lot of replay value in its ever-changing maps and it's an overall very fun DLC to mess around with.

The Good:
+ Constantly changing enemy, item and hazard lineups per game
+ Loads of replay value

The Bad:
- There should be an option to turn off the time limit (perhaps for lower points?)

Final Rating: 80%

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Transmitted: 6/20/2021 10:11:10 AM