Street Fighter V: Blanka Character (DLC) Review

Kevin Hall
In Short
Blanka once again got caught up in another Street Fighter tournament and this time he has had a slight change in appearance.

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V will come with a third season of extra characters for 2018. The character lineup for this season is Sakura, Blanka, Cody, G, Sagat, and Falke. All characters are obtainable by purchasing the third season pass or using fight money (or zenny) to buy the characters from the in-game shop. All characters come with a premium outfit and they come with all available colors for their default and premium outfit.

Blanka is one of the original eight world warriors from Street Fighter II and my personal starting character for the game. As a kid, the beastly look of Blanka drew me into picking him up as my original main. Blanka is a wild man from the jungle. He literally got involved in the Street Fighter tournaments when he arrived in civilization while eating a melon on a poacher's truck. Blanka has deep ties to Dan as his old friend. Blanka's original name is Jimmy and he was stranded in the wild as a child survivor from a plane crash. He was reunited with his mother who called him by his original name of 'Jimmy' and mentioned how she gave him his anklets. In Street Fighter V, Blanka has some noticeably longer hair on his arms and head and he now has green arm hair. This marks the true first time that Blanka has had much of a makeover since his appearance in Street Fighter II.

Blanka still has the same familiar moves that many fans will remember him for ' horizontal roll, vertical roll, back step roll and electricity. Blanka also has a lunging grab called 'Wild Hunt' where he will take his opponent down to the ground then claw them. His rolling overall seems slower but is still very useful.

Blanka's V-skill is called the 'Coward Crouch' that makes him perform a quick crouch. While crouched, Blanka can perform an uppercut with the punch button or a jumping kick with the kick button. His V-trigger empowers him with electricity. While in V-trigger mode, his roll attacks will hit with extra electrical energy that will cause his opponent to fly up into the air following each hit. He can also charge a roll by holding both the V-trigger buttons and then unleash a charged electrical roll attack that will hit multiple times ' it's similar to his old super move from Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Alpha 3.

Blanka's Street Figher V appearance marks his best inclusion yet. It's nice that they finally changed up his appearance a bit and he's still overall familiar with a strangely fresh feel. He of reminds me of my first time playing Akuma in SFV ' where he feels familiar yet fresh at the same time. For one of the starting characters of season 3, he carries on the great start that we had with Sakura.

Final Rating: 85%

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Transmitted: 1/21/2019 5:13:45 AM