Dragonbal Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 1 (DLC) Review

Jason Nimer
In Short
It all depends on how bad you want that bacon on your sandwich.

Let's say, for argument's sake, that you are feeling pretty hungry right now. I am, and it seems like the best way to frame this analogy. You head to your local sandwich shop and order your favorite sub, but ' uh-oh ' looks like bacon is going to cost you a little bit more. 'Oh, well,' you think. 'I like bacon, it adds to the flavor and I can afford it. What the hell?' Sandwich in hand, you find a place to sit and dig in, finding your beautiful sandwich contains only a single strip of bacon. 'Wait'' you think. 'Did they really just charge me for a single piece of bacon? Where's the rest?' You ask the counter and they tell you that yes, you purchased the extra bacon, but you didn't necessarily purchase ALL of it. You buy bacon at a premium, thinking that your sandwich would be decked out with extra deli meats, only to find out that no, sorry' if you want ALL the bacon, you're going to have to pay for it at least twice. As a hungry person, bacon aficionado and consumer, you'd be plenty angry, right? Well, as good as the extra content is in the new Extra Pack 1 for Dragonball Xenoverse 2, that is essentially what it is ' extra slices of bacon for those who already paid the premium for the game's season pass.

In case you missed my reviews for Dragonball Xenoverse 2, you can find the PS4 review here and the Nintendo Switch review here. Suffice it to say, I liked the game. I liked it enough to play it through twice, once on each system, and I still find myself going back to it every few days just to fiddle around. With both versions, I purchased the season pass, which entitled excited fans to DLC right off the bat, with even more promised down the road. And that DLC was mostly pretty good; extra characters, new missions and gear and recently a new strategy minigame (Hero Colosseum) that is actually quite a bit of fun. On Nintendo's Switch, the season pass looked even more appealing as the DLC included had already mostly been released, meaning that season pass gave your game a huge bump in content right off the bat, rather than in the slow trickle we got on the PS4. It even included DLC that let you replay most of the original Xenoverse's content, so basically the Switch version of the game was a great value right off the bat. Both the PS4 and Switch versions have the exact same content in the end, but I'm setting the stage here.

Which brings us to where we are today. Apparently, the season pass for Xenoverse 2 was not so 'season pass-y' after all; giving gamers four extra content packs with nary a mention that content packs 5 and 6 (Extra Pack 1 is content pack 5, for those with their scorecards out) would come at an extra cost. The original season pass, for the first four content packs, was a pricey $29.99, and this Extra Pack 1 alone comes in at an additional $9.99, or $16.99 for both this and Extra Pack 2 (content pack 6), scheduled for the end of February. So even the bundle-buying frugal gamers among us are expected to pay nearly $50 for extra Xenoverse 2 content, after a misleading season pass was sold at launch? Yeah' I'm not usually one to complain about DLC, game pricing and the like, but this just seems slightly scummy on the part of Bandai Namco. But apparently that's what Dragon Ball fans and gamers get ' charged for bacon, then expected to pay for more when shady sandwich practices only add a single strip to a hoagie. Sigh.

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Oh, but what about reviewing the pack itself? That's my actual job, you say? You're correct, so bacon analogies out of the way, let's get to it. Extra Pack 1 adds four new playable characters in the form of King of the Demon Realm Dabura, Evil Buu with Adult Gohan's absorbed (you can tell by his shirt), Tapion from Dragon Ball movie 13 and Android 13 from movie 7. Fans of canon Dragon Ball stories will be excited by the first two, fans of the films will be excited for the latter two and fans of the game should be excited for all four. Playing with the new characters is just as fun as playing with those added by previous content packs, though they lack the gravitas of new favorites Goku Black and Zamasu. Still, it is always nice to see more of the Dragon Ball extended cast added to the roster, and the new gear and moves that come with them is definitely a welcome addition.

Speaking of Zamasu, this pack's highlight is that he has been added as a new master, meaning you can take him on as sensei for a number of new quests and learnable moves. The character himself is fascinating, so having the option of training under him is something for Dragon Ball Super fans to get really excited about. But even non-fans should get excited; some of Zamasu's quests are good and challenging, so strap in if you want to master them all. The pack, as expected with the addition of new characters, also adds new parallel quests, new costumes, 13 new skills and a handful of new Super Souls, which equals out to, in my estimation, 3-5 hours of new things to do and collect, which is roughly a little more than the previous four packs offered (except the meaty Hero Colosseum, which I'm still working on). Not bad, except that most season pass owners expected that this was already bought and paid for, not an additional add-on.

So what is the final recommendation? Well, the content here is certainly a nice addition to the main game, with Zamasu as master being the obvious high point. But' it is a tough recommendation for those who already purchased a season pass, expecting all future content to be included (you know, how every season pass ever has worked?). An extra $9.99 seems steep, even more so considering the unexpected nature of the pricing, though $16.99 for both this and the final Extra Pack 2, which is rumored to contain adult Fuu as a playable character and some kind of Super Saiyan Mr. Satan (!) costume, is a bit more reasonable once the sticker shock of being charged twice wears off. Knowing the content in Extra Pack 1 is quality is the best ammo I can give you for making a decision; if the pricing doesn't upset you like it has so many others, you are in the clear to have some fun. If you are upset, you can probably skip it without worry that you are missing out on too much. That said, I'm going to get a sandwich. With bacon.

Final Rating: 75% for the content, 0% for treatment of pricing and existing season pass holders.

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