Injustice 2: Atom Character (DLC) Review

Kevin Hall
In Short
The Atom brings a lot of fun body mass manipulation action to the roster of Injustice 2!

Award of ExcellenceThe Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack grants access to the first, second and third fighter packs for DLC characters as well as all other fighter packs. The fighter packs contain an additional three characters that are added to the roster for Injustice 2 and the fighter packs can be bought separately or the fighters inside of them can be bought one at a time. The third set of three characters are (The) Atom, Enchantress and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). The Atom is the first character of the fighters released for the third Fighter Pack.

If you're familiar with The Atom from the Arrowverse comic shows on The CW then you already know the basics of what to expect from this characters. The main man behind the mask is not Ray Palmer however ' this incarnation of The Atom is Palmer's protege, Ryan Choi. Ryan Choi is a hotshot professor that takes up the bio-belt and uses the size-changing technology in the absence of Ray. The Atom has the ability to shrink his body and manipulate his body mass to his advantage.

At first glance, the Atom's suit looks very similar to the Flash's outfit only with a bit of blue highlights and blue padding here and there. Most noticeable is his metal belt that allows him to shrink and manipulate his body size. Atom is the smallest character and he can actually make himself even shorter when he ducks ' he actually shrinks instead of ducking. Just imagine the tea bags this guy will give during professional fighting tournaments!

If you're a fan of Marvel's Ant Man, you'll have the most fun with Atom. His list of combo attacks and special moves have him constantly changing his body size to attack his opponents. Out of all the DLC characters so far, Atom has the most unique move set. He has an atom gunshot attack, a teleport, a ground stomp, dashing shrink grab and a chemical drop. The atom gun can be metered burned to trap the opponent in the air for a few seconds. His ground pound has him increase his body mass and stomp the ground, creating a low attack or unblockable attack (meter burned) that hits from long range. His dashing shrink grab has him attack his opponent while in his shrunken state and this can be metered burned so that he will be free to attack his opponent while the opponent staggers from the flurry of shrunken attacks (he teleports out of the first set of attacks and is free to attack a stunned opponent). Atom's chemical drop is a lot of run to mess around with. He can drop three different chemicals that will have various effects if the opponent walks over them. You can power up the chemical attack with an explosive chemical drop and power it even further by meter burning the chemical drop.

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Atom's character power is just as unique as his special moves but somewhat hard to use. He will shrink himself and gain a new list of attacks. With the tap of each attack button, you can perform different attacks that can easily open up your opponent to several more attacks. He has both different ground and air attacks while shrunk. This character power is quite hard to control and basically requires you to learn each attack and how it will hit the opponent. You also have to press the character power button again to bring Atom back to normal size or either he will get stunned for a few seconds when he returns to normal size himself. It's a very double-edged sword type of character power that will take some getting used to.

Black Manta is the most impressive character based on looks but I think The Atom has the most unique and fun move set so far. If you like characters that have a very strange move set and are overall agile, The Atom is definitely for you. He's very flashy and definitely one of my favorite DLC DC characters so far. I can't wait to see this character used at tournaments.

Final Rating: 90%

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Transmitted: 7/15/2024 5:37:35 PM