Street Fighter V: Menat Character (DLC) Review

Kevin Hall
In Short
Menat is a crystal ball-wielding Egyptian fighter that is a mix of Rose and Dhalsim.

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V will come with a second season of extra characters for 2017. The character lineup for this season is Akuma and some brand new fighters including Kolin, Ed, Abigail, Menat and one more character. All characters are obtainable by purchasing the second season pass or using fight money (or zenny) to buy the characters from the in-game shop. All characters come with a premium outfit and they come with all available colors for their default and premium outfit.

Menat is an Egyptian fortuneteller from Italy. She is an apprentice of Rose that also wields Soul Power. Her first appearance was in Ed's character story. Menat fights with her crystal ball and a dance-like set of melee attacks. For her default outfit, she wears a dark purple leotard with a mix of gold and blue accents along with a purple sash on her shoulders. She has short dark purple hair that is up in a bob with blunt bangs and a gold tiara around her head. Her alternate costume has her in a type of mummified wrap that is rather revealing. Her hair is a bit longer than her default costume hair, but still has the overall same style only this time she has an Egyptian headdress around her head.

Menat has moves similar to Rose and Dhalsim. She is a setup and mid-range character. She has a rising grab that is similar to Rose's rising grab and she can toss out her crystal ball to hit her opponent. Her crystal ball will stay on the screen and she can bring it back toward her at any time ' this move allows a setup to where she can hit an enemy while it comes back to her and then follow up with an attack of her own. She can toss the crystal ball out in one of three different angles and lengths depending on the punch button that is used. While her crystal ball is floating in the area, her normal attacks will have less range since she attacks with her crystal ball during all of her normal attacks. She also has three air drill attacks that are similar to Dhalsim's drills.

Menat's V-trigger is either a reflect or absorb depending on the status of her crystal ball. While her crystal ball is retracted, the V-trigger will reflect projectiles and while the crystal ball is stuck on the screen, the V-trigger will absorb projectiles. Her V-skill will summon six purple orbs around her that are mapped to all six of her normal attacks. Pressing each attack button will launch the corresponding orb. All orbs can be launched at once by pressing all six attack buttons at once or the orbs can be launched later up until the timer for the V-skill runs out.

While Menat looks really cool and has a unique personality, stance and walk she has way too many moves borrowed from other characters making her feel like too much of a mix of Dhalsim and Rose. I would have honestly preferred having Rose in the place of Menat. Menat is very hard to play but with commitment, I could see her being a tricky character to fight against. She has a great look, but just doesn't feel as unique as the other characters in the second character pass so far.

Final Rating: 70%

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Transmitted: 12/19/2018 5:06:23 AM