Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Character Pack 1 (DLC) Review

Kevin Hall
In Short
The first three characters of the season pass have been released and they are all a welcome addition to the cast.

The Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Season (Character) Pass is a collection of six total fighters that will be released at a later date. The characters seem to be released in groups of the three with the first three being available now. All characters from the season pass can be bought separately as well. All characters also come with their own premium outfit. The full roster of characters is Sigma, Black Widow, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Monster Hunter and Venom. The first three characters to be released are Sigma, Monster Hunter and Black Panthar.

Black Panther's true identity is T'Challa, heir to the African kingdom of Wakanda. Besides being a descendant of a warrior race and having other high level stats, he gains heightened senses and physical attributes through the heart-shaped herb. Black Panther's gameplay has a similar feel to X-23 and Wolverine from MvC3. He has many fast short-ranged attacks that make him feel good for a rushdown style of gameplay. He can also hang on the walls and switch between walls while hanging from one to confuse opponents.

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Unlike other characters in the roster, Monster Hunter is not based on a particular iteration of a character. She is an original character created to represent the silent protagonists in the Monster Hunter series. In the MvCI storyline, she serves as a servant of Black Panther. Monster Hunters wields a great sword, dual swords and a few other swords and bows. She is heavily armored and has a mixture of powerful slow attacks and combination attacks. Her great sword gives her some really good melee range and she can also shoot her bow from long range. She's a mixture of a heavy hitter and mid-range character overall.

Sigma is the villain of the Mega Man X (MMX) series. Sigma is a reploid and the first leader of the Maverick Hunters (reploids that protect humans against renegade robots). Sigma becomes infected with the Maverick Virus in the first MMX and goes Maverick then rebels against humankind. Sigma is easily one of the best characters I have seen in MvCI yet because he is quite faithful in feel and appearance to his MMX persona and he is very flashy. Sigma can use his energy sword to open dimensional rifts that will stay open for a few seconds and damage characters if they come into contact with it. He has a command grab and a counter teleport as well.

All of the DLC characters have four hyper combos, one of which is a level 3 hyper combo. The only problem that I have with the first three characters in the season pass is that they appear to be composed of characters that were taken out of the game at the last moment. We get Sigma in the season pass who forms Ultron Sigma (final boss) yet we got Ultron (other part of Ultron Sigma) in the main roster. Both Black Panther and Monster Hunter are present throughout the time stone portion of the MvCI storyline, yet they are season pass exclusive. If these characters were present in the starting roster for MvCI, it would have made the overall roster much more appealing. Anyway, personal gripes aside, they are all unique in their own way and are worthy additions to the roster.

Final Rating: 70%

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Transmitted: 11/15/2018 8:44:48 PM