Street Fighter V: Ed Character (DLC) Review

Kevin Hall
In Short
Ed brings along a unique change in gameplay to the usual fighter with his button tap special moves.

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V will come with a second season of extra characters for 2017. The character lineup for this season is Akuma and four other brand new fighters including Kolin, Ed and two other characters. All characters are obtainable by purchasing the second season pass or using fight money (or zenny) to buy the characters from the in-game shop. All characters come with a premium outfit and they come with all available colors for their default and premium outfit.

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Ed made his first appearance in Street Fighter IV during Rose's ending and then he appeared again in Balrog's ending during Super Street Fighter IV. He was known as 'Bandaged Boy' back then and was only a side character. Ed shows signs of having psycho power similar to Bison and he stays with Balrog for a while as a tag-along but eventually the two part ways then meet up again in the main story of SFV (A Shadow Falls) when Ed is older ' he appear to have accelerated growth. Ed is a boxer that uses psycho power to enhance his moves. He dresses with clothes that are similar to what M. Bison would wear. For one of his extra outfits, Ed has a jacket that is thrown over his body and a cap that is similar to M. Bison's only with different colors.

Ed's boxing fighting style is not totally clean, much like Balrog, since he uses kicks in with his attacks but his style a bit more clean than Balrog's, sort of like Dudley. For special attacks, Ed has punch attacks and kick attacks infused with psycho power. While his moves are nothing that unique, the commands for each of them is quite different. Instead of using more traditional inputs, Ed's moves require multiple buttons to be pressed together or a button to be charged. He has one command attack (forward + MP) that serves as a special attack where he will perform a psycho power punch then follow up with a psycho shot projectile if you tap the punch button again. He's basically like playing a Dudley with less of a focus on punches and more of a focus on psycho powered moves and kicks.

Ed's V-skill is called the 'Psycho Snatcher' where he will latch onto his opponent with psycho power and either pull his opponent toward him or pull himself toward the opponent. By simply tapping the buttons, Ed will pull himself toward his opponent and hit the opponent then taunt as the opponent falls. If you hold the buttons, Ed will charge a bit longer then latch onto his opponent then pull them toward him while his opponent is in the air. You can follow up the pull with a quick attack as the opponent falls to the ground. He can also pull his opponent out of the with the psycho snatcher. His V-trigger is called 'Psycho Cannon' where he will charge his psycho power and form a psycho ball that will slowly move toward his opponent and hit them multiple times. This move is similar to Oro's large fireball that he could walk behind but it moves horizontally toward the opponent. Psycho Cannon allows Ed to follow behind the projectile and perform some extra attacks to keep the pressure on.

Ed's critical art is called 'Psycho Barrage' and is the only quarter circle attack that he has. If the move connects, Ed will perform a flurry of punch attacks then follow up with a powerful uppercut. Overall, Ed is a highly unique character because of his inputs and he is actually very easy to start out playing with since his moves are easy to connect being only button taps. While his appearance and name aren't anything that special, he makes up for this with a unique feel overall.

Final Rating: 85%

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Transmitted: 8/17/2018 8:24:03 PM