Street Fighter V: Kolin Character (DLC) Review

Kevin Hall
In Short
Kolin brings along her cryokinetic powers to the SFV line-up and gives us a cool new character experience with a cold personality.

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V will come with a second season of extra characters for 2017. The character lineup for this season is Akuma and four other brand new fighters along with Kolin. All characters are obtainable by purchasing the second season pass or using fight money (or zenny) to buy the characters from the in-game shop. All characters come with a premium outfit and they come with all available colors for their default and premium outfit.

Kolin first appeared in Street Fighter III where she could be seen along with Gill during his introduction sequence before a fight. Kolin is a devoted agent of the Illuminati and Gill's personal assistant. SFV marks the first time that Kolin has been playable. Kolin sports a black ushanka with a four-pointed star in the middle that covers her long blonde hair and she wears a black Afghanka-style military jacket that ends with a miniskirt along with black stockings and fur boots to cover her feet. Her overall outfit screams Russian and yes, she has a Russian accent when she speaks. Kolin still has her returning ladies' suit that she wore in SFIII for her nostalgia outfit and she has a wetsuit for her premium outfit.

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Kolin has cryokinetic powers that allow her to product ice and she uses this power during many of her attacks. For special attacks, she has a flurry of punches, backward dash that can be chained into rushing and jumping attacks and she can drop ice balls on her opponent. Her Critical Art has her impaling her impaling her opponent on top of spiked ice pieces. She plays like a cross between Vega and Cammy, but she does feel completely unique for the most part.

The most interesting part about Kolin are her V moves. For her V-skill, she will strike forward with a slicing attack. If you can time her V-skill just right, she will parry an opponent's attack then counter with an extra attack that will cause her V-gauge to rise faster. Her V-trigger is the most unique part about her. Her V-trigger is called 'Diamond Dust' and will make her create an ice wave across the ground that can put a freezing status effect on her opponent. She can perform the Diamond Dust the first time you activate the V-trigger then once again during the V-trigger time limit. Once an opponent is hit with Diamond Dust, their stun gauge will freeze at whatever point it was at and each attack that you deliver to your opponent will increase the stun gauge. Whenever the stun gauge fills up, the opponent will freeze in place for a few seconds and stand up with their legs frozen. The opponent can cancel the frozen stun gauge by attacking Kolin so you have have to keep up your aggression in order to take advantage of it. Kolin easily has one of the more unique and strategy-based V-triggers for aggressive players in SFV.

It's great that Capcom has decided to go with brand new characters for season 2 of their new character line-up for SFV and Kolin does not disappoint. She seems to be at her best when played aggressively so she's definitely a good choice for rush down players. It will be interesting to see what else Capcom has in store for us for the rest of the new characters since Kolin is quite unique for the first of the brand new characters.

Final Rating: 85%

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