Destiny: The Official Coloring Book (Book) Review

Marie Drouet
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You don't have to be a Destiny player or even a gamer to enjoy the coloring the great Science Fiction artwork in this book.

Have you always wanted to add your own flare and creative vision to the Destiny game series? Finally, you can in Destiny's official coloring book. Inspired by the popular game series now in its recently released second iteration, the coloring book provides a wide variety of guardians and their foes, weapons and armor, and hope and destruction. Soon you will be whisked out of this world and into a world of dunes, craters, and sulfuric jungles that cover the surfaces of the Solar System's planets in Destiny's vision of the future.

Ze Carlos' powerful illustrations will inspire and thrill your creative energy. Handpicked by the Bungie team, Carlos does a wonderful job of bringing life and action to the images. The book contains an impressive 77 full pages of art for coloring, plus an additional 16 pages of art plates in full-color with multiple frames per page to spawn your creativity.

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While the book's paper is of good quality and accepts pencils well, I did have a few complaints. Gel inks have partial bleed-through to the other side of the page and the paper allows the design on the adjacent two pages to show through, which some artists may find distracting. The use of dark pencils hides this issue; however, light colors are not strong enough to eliminate visibility of the adjacent images.

Artists with a heavy touch will find that they've transferred the art's coloring lines between the next few pages. And, since the pages are not serrated and the book does not lie flat, there is some awkwardness in coloring near the binding.

I found Carlos' artwork powerful and the book to be a refreshing break from the flowers and abstract designs of other coloring books. So, despite my complaints about the paper and binding, I recommend Destiny: The Official Coloring Book, to Destiny fans and anyone who enjoys great Science Fiction art alike.

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Transmitted: 8/7/2022 6:51:10 PM