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2XL MX Offroad (Android) Review

In Short
Unlike your rider, this game won't make you curl up into a fetal position.

Having just reviewed the abysmal RealScorz Hockey, an Android 'game' that mimics the most rudimentary aspects of the online fantasy leagues, the off-road racing found in 2XL MX Offroad is a welcome breath of fresh air. With the success of games like Trials HD and Bike Baron, its nice to see a return to the racing and tricks of ATV and MX racing. Not everything is perfect, but this race may be worth a look.

2XL MX Offroad gives players the chance to experience all the sport's crazy, high-flying tricks with some slick controls and plenty of ways to play. It's best to describe the game as kind of a Tony Hawk on wheels, with the camera directly behind the rider the entire time. The acceleration is handled automatically, but the brakes and six trick slots are represented as touch screen icons. Depending on which mode you choose, you'll either be going for first place in races or the highest score from tricks and combos. The arcade mode is where the bulk of the game is found, but I found myself in freestyle mode more than anywhere else; the Tony Hawk fan in me just kept going for those higher scores.

The controls are pretty good, with a small catch. I played the game on an Xperia Play 4G, a phone with a full, slide out PSP-style gamepad. 2XL MX Offroad controls like a dream on that gamepad, but regular phone users will have to deal with tilt controls to steer their bike or ATV. Though I'm not a HUGE fan of tilt controls, this system does work pretty well. I highly doubt some of my high scores would have been possible with those tilt controls, but the game is still fun no matter how you play it.

Normally I'd end the review right there, but there is something else I simply have to touch on. The wipeouts in this game are, for lack of a better word, baffling. Every time your rider leaves his vehicle, he automatically goes into the fetal position. No matter the manner of wipeout, its always going to end with your rider curled up in a little ball. Was this done to save cash on ragdoll physics? Or was this unintentionally hilarious move made intentionally? Either way, it's pretty funny.

2XL MX Offroad is a fun little game for the Android platform. It's easy to recommend to Xperia Play users, but the tilt controls everyone else will use may turn some off. And as the first real 'game' I've reviewed for the platform, I can tell the Android Marketplace has some real potential. Just watch for that fetal position!

Final Rating: 80%

Transmitted: 5/25/2018 10:20:15 PM