DeathSpank: Origins

In Short
Ever wonder where DeathSpank got his name? Darren Evenson, Lead Designer at Hothead, gives us a few clues into DeathSpank's origin...

GT: What is the origin of DeathSpank's name?

DE: "DeathSpank" was dreamed up by Ron as the sort of ridiculous character that was seen as flooding the game industry. DeathSpank was a mockery of all the hyper-manly characters running around these days. Fortunately, he took on a life of his own and refused to go away. He was a little joke that turned into a game design, and eventually into the awesome game you see today!

GT: What were some of your sources of inspiration when designing the DeathSpank character? And for the game itself?

DE: Well beside Monkey Island comics like The Goon, great TV shows like Arrested Development and Scrubs played surprising roles in building the tone that we wanted for DeathSpank and the tone of the game itself. Building tone and a characters voice is an arduous process for any writer, no matter where you work but once it's built you can start churning out dialog like mad. As far as game inspirations, Diablo was a huge influence of course, but games like Animal Crossing played a surprising role in the world construction.

GT: Who's your favorite character in the game? Besides DeathSpank, of course...

DE: That's easy, Eubrick a.k.a. Sally the Stable Girl. As soon as we saw Eubrick with his mighty axe lodged firmly in his back we knew who he was and what his voice would be like. We gave him tons of dialogue just because we liked him so much. It doesn't always make sense, but you have to listen to all of it.

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Transmitted: 10/21/2017 12:21:43 AM