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Zombie Blood Review

In Short
The latest from geek chic energy drink maker Harcos is guaranteed to be zombie mutagen free...

With the popularity of zombies these days, it was only a matter of time before alternative energy drink maker turned its attention to the undead.  The makers of Mana, Health, Nuclear Energy, and Blood, have now released Zombie Blood, a green liquid energy potion quite similar to Blood in that it comes in a plasma bag.  Like Blood, Zombie Blood includes nutrients similar to real blood including protein and iron and a couple of cups of coffee worth of caffeine promising a four hour energy boost.  In addition, it is guaranteed to be zombie mutagen free. so you don't have to worry about a post-boost crash that leaves you with the munchies for brains.  Zombie Blood is supposed to be lime-flavored, and while it does have the same sort of lime taste that you get from a melted Sir Isaac Lime Otter Pop, it's not quite as sweet and carries a slightly odd under-taste that sits in your mouth for a few seconds after the lime flavor has passed.  I wouldn't describe the aftertaste as bad, but it's not necessarily good either.  As for the energy boost, it does indeed delivery about what you'd expect from a couple of cups at your local coffee house. 

Overall, I'd have to say that I prefer the company's Health and Mana potions, probably because they've got a little more geek cred to them coming in little red and blue vials, and also because to me they taste better.  The goth and vampire crowds (not the same groups, re South Park Episode 1214, The Ungroundable) will definitely blood, but I'm not sure where Zombie Blood will fit in.  Perhaps you can score some points with your friends if you bring it to your next zombie movie night, but I can't imagine it would be the sort of thing you'd keep stockpiled in your desk at work for those mid-afternoon doldrums...

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Transmitted: 5/24/2018 3:25:09 PM