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Nuclear Energy Powder Review

In Short
Ever wish that Pixie Sticks were caffeinated?

The makers of Mana, Health, and Blood energy potions have released a new novel energy product - Nuclear Energy Powder. I say 'energy product' and not 'energy drink' because Nuclear Energy Powder is Harcos' first product that's not in liquid form. The product comes in powder form in a little test tube, and probably the best way to describe it is to call it an adult Pixie Stick. Nuclear Energy Powder is beyond sweet - it's got that super-sweet taste that's usually only found in things like Jolt Cola. Unlike Pixie Sticks, though, this product comes packed with 95 mg of caffeine. This puts it above a Red Bull in terms of caffeine content and in the neighborhood of a cup of espresso. There's so much caffeine in there, that Nuclear Energy Powder carries a warning label advising against eating a whole tube at once. While other Harcos products also add a number of vitamins and herbal additives to the mix, Nuclear Energy Powder is pretty much a one-two punch of sugar and caffeine - in fact, the first two ingredients listed are sugar and dextrose, another form of sugar. You can get the powder in 3 flavors, pear, raspberry lemonade, and yellow cake. The pear flavor is too subtle to compete with the overwhelming taste of sugar, but you can taste the other flavors a bit above the sweetness, although as only secondary flavoring to the taste of sugar. Although these flavors are given names like uranium, plutonium, and radium, Nuclear Energy Powder just doesn't pack the gamer chic punch that a little vial of mana potion or a plasma bag of blood do. If you're looking for a cool way to fuel your late night gaming sessions, I'd stick to Harcos' other products and skip these little sugar bombs.

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Transmitted: 5/21/2018 7:59:59 PM