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Pale Force DVD Review

In Short
Jim Gaffigan punks Conan O'Brien...

If you're unfamiliar with Jim Gaffigan and not a fan of Conan O'Brien, then at best Pale Force will seem very odd to you.  Gaffigan created the animated series as much for a joke on O'Brien as for its pure entertainment value.  Pale Force features animated versions of Gaffigan and O'Brien as super heroes with the ability to blind criminals with the whiteness of their skin, as well as the power to shoot laser beams from their nipples.  Since Gaffigan is behind the show, his cartoon counterpart appears as a towering, heavily muscled heroic figure while O'Brien is portrayed as a squeaky-voiced uber wimp (Gaffigan provides the voice for the animated O'Brien) with a predilection for wetting his pants when he's nervous (which is basically all the time).  The animated shorts really do look like the work of a stand-up comedian as each one is based on a few related jokes with an overall goal of giving O'Brien an incessant ribbing.  You can view all of the episodes in succession, but to really appreciate them you should watch them as part of Gaffigan's appearances on O'Brien's show.  You'll feel like you're more in on the joke if you see Gaffigan set-up each episode and then watch O'Brien's reaction as he supposedly sees each episode for the first time.  Watching the episodes alone is like watching a practical joke being set up.  It may be a little entertaining and worth a few small laughs, but the real humor comes from watching the victim's reaction. 

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Transmitted: 5/25/2018 10:18:37 PM