Blood Energy Potion

Ned Jordan
In Short
It sure beats Clamato...

The makers of Mana Energy Drink and Health Energy Potion have released their third themed energy drink, Blood.  Mana and Health have a strong gamer appeal, nerd chic thing going for them because they come in little potion bottles filled with appropriately colored blue and red liquid, respectively.  Blood is aimed more for the vampire crowd than gamers (but not for Goths, of course), giving them a far better-tasting alternative to Clamato.  Blood comes in a little pouch not unlike the kind of pouch used for blood in hospitals, complete with bloody fingerprints on the packaging to complete the effect.  Taking the blood analogy even further, the package claims that Blood's nutritional profile is similar to that of blood.  While I'm not going to try and confirm this claim, it is high in iron with 55% of the recommended daily value in each pouch, although I imagine that if this much real blood had 7g of sugar in it or the caffeine equivalent of a double shot of espresso than its donor is certainly no longer with us.  The other features appearing on the package show that its maker Harcos had a lot of fun with the product, which among other things is noted to be "delicious for vampires or humans" and "garlic free".  There are also instructions for heating the drink to body temperature to be "pour[ed] into a goblet and enjoy[ed]".  I tried it straight from the pouch, not because I didn't want to play along but because the idea of warm energy drink isn't that appealing to me.  The taste is like a fruit punch, not pineapplely or overly sweet though, more of your standard, run-of-the-mill punch you'd find at a party.  And the energy boost?  It felt like I had downed some coffee really quickly, not to the point of being jittery but certainly to the point of being aware that it was certainly there.  Not quite the same experience as chilling out at a coffee house with a large espresso, but it took a lot less time and cost me only 25 calories.

As an energy drink I think it's pricey, but that's pretty much the case with all energy drinks.  I wouldn't recommend making it part of your morning routine, but it is kind of cool in a vampire nerd kind of way.  Buy some to hand out to friends waiting in line to see the next Twilight and score some coolness points (it will help make up for all those points lost by waiting in line to see a twilight movie - sorry, couldn't resist).

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Transmitted: 11/20/2018 11:31:35 PM