Baby Dave of Pint Shot Riot Interview

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In Short
Pint Shot Riot is starting to make there mark in games as well as music, and we had the chance to ask PSR's Baby Dave a few questions about their new found digital fame...

GT: So when you were learning to play your instruments, writing your first songs, appearing in your first shows, did you ever think for a minute that your music would appear in a videogame?

Baby Dave: We didn't really think that far ahead. We get off on writing music first and foremost so we try to focus on that and if amazing things like this come up then we take it as it comes.

GT: Are you gamers? What types of games do you like to play?

Baby Dave: Yes we all 'game' to varying degrees. If we're playing together it's Fifa or Rock Band usually, or anything competitive and violent.

GT: Your music will be appearing in The Sims 3, a game that is known for having its own language. Did you have to translate your lyrics into Simlish yourself?

Baby Dave: Dude, we love sims and all but thats really a touch too much for us!

GT: What was it like singing in Simlish? Was it hard not to slip back into English?

Baby Dave: No, really, we can't just start singing in a new language. We're a rock and roll band! English is the mother tongue of rock and roll!

GT: Any plans to perform the Simlish version at one of your shows?

Baby Dave: (!) You're not getting this are you?! Ok, ok. If you can send the lyrics translated for us, we'll see. Just for you.

GT: Another game youll be appearing in is Fight Night Round 4, actually appearing in the game. So what was that like?

Baby Dave: I'm not sure we're actually going to be in the game! I think asking people to accept a 5'9'' skinny englishman as a genuine challenge to Mike Tyson in a boxing ring is pushing things too far! That would be awesome tho. I'd beat him at Bass playing, no sweat.

GT: Your music is in one game, youre in another game, whats next for you in the world of gaming?

Baby Dave: Well, we will continue our relationship with Artwerk/E.A and look forward to rocking some more games! And also we will be spending many hours on UFC undisputed when it comes out.

GT: Any plans to bring things full circle and write a song about gaming? We could certainly use some better songs about gaming, considering the standard for the genre is Pac-Man Fever

Baby Dave: I think you're onto something! I can see it, we'll do the music, you freestyle all over it in Simlish like a thug-life-homie-geek!! Call our manager!

GT: Anything else youd like to say to our game-playing, music-obsessed readers?

Baby Dave: Yes please register with our website or myspace:

GT: Thanks for your time!

Baby Dave: No probs, thank you too

Transmitted: 4/20/2019 12:57:23 PM