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Ned Jordan
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Green elf needs health...

Harcos, the maker of Mana Energy Potion, have released another energy drink geared towards gamers.  Not too surprisingly the new energy drink is called Health Energy Potion and the bright red drink comes in a small, clear vial whose shape will be familiar to anyone who's ever played an RPG.  The energy drink is named 'Health' to provide a natural compliment to Mana, and not for any claimed curative properties (other than drowsiness).  it does contain elderberry, a plant long believed to possess curative properties, so in a way it shares something in common with the kind of health potion a warrior would have strapped to his belt a thousand years ago before going on a dragon hunt or dungeon excursion.  It also contains ginseng, another plant associated with numerous health benefits.  The real magic ingredient in this potion, though, is caffeine.  One little vial of Health comes with the same amount of caffeine as you'd find in two Red Bulls.  While I can't really comment on Health's value as a vodka mixer, at least you'll only take in 25 calories with Health and avoid all of that sugar.

There are a few differences between Health and Mana that go beyond the color of the liquid in the vials.  First off they taste different, with Health tasting to me like cranberry without the tartness rather than the advertised apple cinnamon flavor.  In the flavor category I have to give the nod to Health over Mana.  Both contain large amount of B group vitamins - neurotransmitter precursors that are supposed to provide an aid to maintaining focus - but the vitamin profile differs between the two.  Mana is designed to provide a steady energy boost while Health provides a faster ramp-up.  You can think of Mana as something you'd want before starting a long night session of gaming and Health as something you'd want in the morning or when the post-lunch drowsiness starts to kick in.  I've tried them both and in my experience they pretty mush hold true to form.

Health and Mana both provide nice four or five hour boosts of energy that will keep you gaming longer and save you a lot of calories over downing Red Bulls or lattes.  And for gamers there's an undeniably geeky kind of coolness factor associated with carrying little vials of Health and Mana potions.  The next time you host a gaming party, skip the case of Red bull and walk in wearing a belt with Mana and Health potions dangling from it and impress your friends.

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Transmitted: 1/20/2019 8:49:10 AM