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The Heartbreak Kid Blu-ray Review

In Short
The Farrelly brothers and Ben Stiller, together again...

The Heartbreak Kid stars Ben Stiller as Eddie Cantrow, a forty year old bachelor that can't commit to a long-term relationship.  After he meets the seemingly perfect girl, and begins to consider dumping her, his father and friends push him to marry her.  Eddie decides to go for it with Lila (Malin Akerman), marrying her a few weeks after they met.  Things soon begin to unravel on their honeymoon road trip to Cabo San Lucas, as Eddie learns that they aren't nearly as compatible as he thought and Lila begins to exhibit one annoying behavior after another.  As Eddie begins to truly regret his decision he meets a woman on vacation with her family named Holly (Michelle Monaghan) who is probably the true woman of his dreams.  Eddie soon finds himself doing whatever he can to spend time with Holly and avoid his new bride.

The Heartbreak Kid is a Farrelly brothers film, so it should go without saying that it has its share of raunchy humor.  However, The Heartbreak Kid pushes the envelope of questionable taste even for the brothers Farrelly.  Along with the standard comedy of errors type of humor that goes along with a story like this one, there are jokes involving hand jobs, pubic hair, and people peeing on each other, among others.  There's fun to be had with the film as long as you have a high tolerance for this sort of thing, and even if you are fairly easy going with your sense of humor you'll at times wonder if was really necessary for the Farrelly brothers to go there (and conclude that it probably wasn't).  Stiller does a good job in the midst of all of this.  You shouldn't be pulling for the guy that can't help making a hopeless mess out of his love life, but you can't help but do so.

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