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M2Convert Pro Review

In Short
Take your DVDs with you on the road...

If you're like me you have a large DVD collection that you'd really rather not to have to duplicate with UMDs. Sure, the PSP is a great mobile media device and an excellent way to enjoy movies while traveling, but UMD movies are just plain overpriced. I don't want to pay over $20 for a movie that I already own on DVD just so that I can watch it while I'm away from home. Multiply that cost by the number of movies in your collections and you're now talking some serious money.

Luckily there is an alternative in M2Convert. M2Convert will take DVDs that you own and convert them to PSP compatible video files that you can transfer to a memory stick.

M2Convert features a simple interface for such a powerful program. Select your source video, the destination format, click a button, and your conversion is under way. If you insert a DVD, you can also specify which chapters to convert and which audio track to use. The chapter selection option is really useful when you're converting a DVD of a TV series. You can store each episode as a separate file or collect them all into a single one.

While you're converting your DVD you'll be continually updated of the status of the conversion including remaining time, and you can even monitor the conversion process in a small video window. The conversion process takes place in close to real time, so a 90 minute movie will take about that long to convert. Once the file is converted you can transfer it to a memory stick either plugged into your PC or sitting in your PSP. Your movie is then available to watch under the video section of the PSP's cross media bar menu.

M2Convert is available in several versions. You can get a version that works with just PSPs or a Pro version that works with audo and video files for iPods, Zens, and even mobile phones. Conversions of audio and video files is just as simple for these devices as it is for PSPs. I did run into issues trying to take iPod music files to MP3 format though the software would report an error and give up.

M2Convert is an indispensable tool for anyone who has a large movie collection and wants to enjoy them on their mobile devices. Put your favorite DVDs onto your hard drive and then load up your PSP with a different set of movies each time you hit the road, or carry a couple of memory sticks with you and leave those bulky overpriced UMDs at home.

M2Convert will also convert video files in different formats into PSP compatible video. I was able to capture TV shows into MPEG videos with a TV tuner card, convert them into PSP video files and then watch them on the PSP. Pull some shows off of your DVR and catch up on your favorite shows on your next flight.

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Transmitted: 5/26/2018 7:50:11 AM