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Ned Jordan
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I dropped by Enso Rings at SDCC to check out their Star Wars ring collection, including the SDCC 2023 exclusive ring inspired by Salacious B. Crumb.

Enso Rings occupied one of the pod booths in the massive mothership that was the Star Wars booth at San Diego Comic-Con to display its lineup of Star Wars rings. I was able to drop by to check out their rings, including the SDCC exclusive Salacious Crumb ring, and to chat with Ian Wambold, Creative Director at Enso Rings, who designed every ring in the Star Wars collection.

The rings are all made of silicon, making them light and pliable, and if you pinch one it will immediately spring back into shape. They have a little give when on your finger, so they don’t press into neighboring fingers the way that metal rings can.

Wambold showed me Enso Rings’ SDCC exclusive Salacious Crumb ring. The ring featured the face of the scraggly sycophant and came in a coppery gold color that I learned was called Poseidon. The ring was available for $49.99, and only during the convention. I asked Wambold about the history of their Comic-Con exclusive rings, and he told me that it all began with a joke. On April Fool’s Day last year, the company announced that it was going to me making a Jar-Jar Binks ring. They didn’t quite get the reaction that they expected, though, because they were inundated with requests for the ring. After getting such an enthusiastic positive response to what was meant as a joke, they decided to actually make the ring and offer it as an exclusive at last year’s SDCC, their first appearance at the con. This year they decided to make it a tradition by offering another comic relief character on their exclusive ring. Wonder who we’ll see on a ring next year…?

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Wambold then showed me the rest of their Star Wars line. The rings are divided into several collections, each with its own theme and style. The “I Love You. I Know” collection features two ring styles, one with “I Love You” inscribed on it, the other with “I Know”, both in Aurebesh, along with the Rebel Alliance logo and inscribed lines. They come in several gold and silver tones, as well as black, and make a natural pair for any Star Wars fan couple.

The “Lightsaber” collection is visually interesting. This collection features nine rings each inspired by the lightsaber used by iconic characters from both sides of the Force. The rings are multilayered and two-toned, with the lightsaber hilt inscribed on the top layer and the beam cut away so that the color of the lower layer is exposed. Luke’s and Yoda’s rings really pop with their gray top layers giving way to bright blue and green beams, while Mace Wandu’s and Vader’s have a bold look with their black rings giving way to purple and red.

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The ”Galactic Core” collection features six rings inspired by characters from the saga. These rings are two-toned in the same style as the lightsaber rings, with the secondary color being used to highlight details such as the black eyes of a Stormtrooper or the visor of the Mandalorian’s mask. I particularly liked the R2-D2 ring, the silver and blue really work well together and makes the droid instantly recognizable despite the minimalist detail.

There are other rings featuring other characters and iconography from the Star Wars universe, but the last collection I want to highlight is the “Star Wars Wide Collection”. These rings are twice as wide as the rings in the other collection, so they’re a bit heavier and a little less flexible than the other rings. However, the extra space provides room for a canvas that is used to tell stories. “Trench Run” is inspired by the Battle of Yavin and features the Millenium Falcon, X-Wings, and TIE Fighters battling above the surface of the Death Star. The “Power of the Dark Side” features the climactic battle between Luke Skywalker, Darth Vadar, and the Emperor aboard the Death Star in Return of the Jedi. The other rings in this collection are “Suns of Tatooine”, “Jabba’s Palace”, and “Forest Moon of Endor”. The scenes on all of the rings wrap all of the way around them without a break or end point, so you can twist them around your finger and watch the endless narrative.

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You can find Enso Ring’s Star Wars on Amazon or the Enso Rings website, but you won’t find the Salacious B. Crumb ring anywhere. You may have missed that one, but if you come to San Diego Comic-Con 2024, you can get next year’s exclusive on your finger.

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