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Bee Movie Review

In Short
What is the deal with Bee Movie?

What is the deal with Bee Movie? Jerry Seinfeld's been relatively quiet since collecting a bajillion dollars from selling his Seinfeld TV series into syndication, and this is all he has to show for his time off? Bee Movie's scattershot plot almost plays like a series of short episodes of a series played back to back rather than as a cohesive narrative. It opens with a view of life inside a beehive, which is a clean little bee city dominated by its honey-making factory. With its fanciful setting, numerous sight gags, and one bad bee pun after another, Bee Movie starts firmly rooted in the realm of children's entertainment. However, it soon changes gears with all of the grace of a 75 Pinto with a shot transmission and we're catapulted into the world of adult angst as the protagonist, one Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld), panics when faced with a lifetime of employment at the same honey-making job. From there we're quickly pushed into a "bee meets the human world" sequence that will wake up the kids again, only to jump into a contrived cross-species romance and then on to a courtroom drama with overtones of slavery reparations. At this point the movie has thoroughly lost the kids but still falls short of the requisite ninety minute running time, so it pads the plot with a "save the flowers" environmental story ending. Perhaps the story is so belabored and meandering because it was crafted by a gaggle of writers in addition to Seinfeld himself. It's hard to imagine a qualified writer working on his or her own trying to save a story that runs out of steam pretty early on with courtroom drama about as exciting as you'd see if you took a seat in the back of a traffic court for a few hours. You'd think that Seinfeld would have learned his lesson from the universally disappointing final episode of his TV series which dragged a single joke through a courtroom scene for far, far too long. I can't really recommend Bee Movie to anyone. It's boring for kids and unfunny for adults, and it just drones on and on...

Now I'm sure that Dan in Real Life considers itself to be a romantic comedy, but it never really succeeds in delivering much in the way of laughs. The awkward situations and trials faced by Dan that were obviously considered to be humorous when put down on paper simply come across as contrived and devoid of humor when played out on the screen.

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