The Crew 2: Dominion Forsberg First Look

Ned Jordan
In Short
Drifting across the USA with Chris Forsberg in the first episode of the sixth season of The Crew 2.
Dominion Forsberg

The Crew 2 is drifting into its sixth season, literally, as 3-time Drift World Champion Chris Forsberg joins the game. He’ll be leading you through the Dominion Forsberg challenges that will make up the season’s new Motorflix episode. I was given the chance to try a few of these challenges myself before the season goes live on July 6th.

With Dominion Forsberg come six new playgrounds spread across the country, Drift Park, Black Rift, Eagle Falls, The Monuments, Five Kings, and Lakeside. Each of these is built to feature a different type of event, and they are always open for play. The first event was a drifting event, of course, with the goal being to beat Forsberg’s score on the playground track. Being the first event, I think that they go a bit easy on you as I easily topped Forsberg’s mark on my second try once I had the lay of the track down. Not all of the events will be drift events though, as evidenced by the next two challenges which were speed challenges in which you need to beat Forsberg’s times around the tracks, one in a touring car and the other in a street racer. Just you and the track in all of these events, you’ll be racing against the clock rather than other cars. Again, you shouldn’t have too much trouble besting these speed events. Forsberg seems to want to ease you into things before pushing your driving skills. More events will be added every couple of weeks, so I’m sure the challenge will ramp-up as the season progresses.

Dominion Forsberg also introduces new road vehicles to the game, but they’re not all just for drifting. The Street Race, Rally Cross, and Touring Car will all be represented. The one thing in common, though, is that they’re all Forsberg Racing Nissans. Some of the vehicles include their full racing livery, while others like the Gold Leader Z feature a more conventional look. In addition to the new vehicles, the game’s existing vehicles have been a handling overhaul to provide a more consistent experience across all vehicle categories, with particular attention paid to the Rally Cross cars.

In addition to the work done on the cars, Dominion Forsberg also introduces graphical updates to the game to improve the colors, contrast, and lighting. Some of these are exclusive to consoles, such as support for 60 FPS, but PC gamers will also seem improvements. A new weather cycle adds more variety to the racing, particularly when it starts to rain or snow. You’ll also notice improvements to the look of the sky as you tour across the country, with new lighting and cloud effects.

It was fun checking out the new playgrounds and drifting around the track with a Chris Forsberg ghost car. Gamers who already own The Crew 2 will get to experience all of this on July 6th, and if you don’t, you can try out the game for free from July 7th through July 13th. See you at Drift Park!

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Transmitted: 6/23/2024 3:38:51 PM