Stronghold: Warlords at E3 2019

Ned Jordan
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Stronghold: Warlords was revealed during E3 2019, and we have a first look at some of its features.
Stronghold: Warlords represents a first for the series, bringing it to an entirely new location, China. The gray castles of Europe and the beige of the Middle East are giving way to the colorful fortifications and villages of China from the 3rd Century BCE through 1200 CE. It’s not just the structures that are getting a makeover, though, the economy of China was not the same as it was in Europe and the Middle East so there will be new resource types to manage. The most significantly different of these is driven by a technological advancement unique to China – gunpowder. Harvesting the ingredients that will allow you to manufacture gunpowder will also let you create units armed with gunpowder. Firelancers are exactly what they sound like, units which carry lances that belch fire when the gunpowder in them is ignited. One gunpowder siege unit is, well, highly unusual and involves oxen, kegs of gunpowder, and a fuse.

Stronghold Warlods

The setting isn’t all that’s new with Stronghold: Warlords, castle walls can be built along mountainous terrain and will follow the lay of the land, so you can build a fortress that recreates the iconic lines of the Great Wall. Troop control has also been given an overhaul to give you better command of your forces. You’ll be able to array them in formations and assign and utilize hotkeys to quickly select units in battle.

The “Warlords” in the game’s title refers to its Warlord system. You will not be alone in the game and your castle will have neighbors, warlords of varying power who are potential friends and enemies. Building an emissary building in your castle will allow you to send diplomats to these warlords and to try to win their loyalty. Allied warlords can then be called upon to provide help when needed, both economically and militarily. They can even provide unique units that you can’t produce yourself that could be just the aid you need to turn the tide of a battle.

The game’s campaign will feature 24 missions divided between four locations, Vietnam, China, Japan, and Mongolia. You’ll be able determine what type of lord you be in each, good or bad. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and even its own items. Good lords will provide their people with the finer things in life like theaters for entertainment, while bad lords will develop new ways to torture their subjects to keep them in line. Stronghold: Warlords will also support multiplayer battles featuring up to eight players at a time.

That’s a brief look at Stronghold: Warlords after getting a glimpse at it at E3 2019. Since the game was just announced during the show, there will be more revealed about the game in the coming months. Look for Stronghold: Warlords to debut on Steam in early 2020.

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