Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Crucible Hands-On Preview

Ned Jordan
In Short
Playing Clash on the Pacifica and Wormhaven maps.

In my last look at Curse of Osiris based on hands-on time with the expansion as a guest of Activision at Bungie headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, it's time to turn our attention to what's new in the Crucible. Two maps will be added to the Crucible rotation, Pacifica and Wormhaven, but there will not be any new modes included in the expansion. While we were only given the opportunity to play Clash on the new maps, both are designed to support the other Crucible modes as well.


Pacifica is set at Tidal Anchor on Titan. This map features narrow hallways that lead to storage areas containing industrial containers and crossed by catwalks. Most of the map features interior locations, but there is one outdoor platform. Close-up encounters are prevalent, but larger fights can occur when players cross paths in the open areas.


Wormhaven's location is the New Pacific Arcology, also located on Titan. It features a couple of former public spaces in the now-abandoned colony that are slowly being taken over by the local plant life. And, yes, in some places it does appear to now be a haven for worms. This map features twisting hallways that lead to a larger outdoor deck area and a smaller atrium. When playing on this map, players tended to congregate in the open areas, giving the matches on this map a different feel than tose on Pacifica.

That's our final sneak peek at Curse of Osiris. Watch for our review of the expansion after it is released on December 5th.

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