Destiny: Rise of Iron - The Plaguelands

Ned Jordan
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A hands-on preview of what you'll find in the new Plaguelands zone in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Rise of Iron is adding a new zone to the Cosmodrome, the Plaguelands, but that new zone will be distinct from the current Cosmosdrome patrol zone. To get there you first select Earth as your destination, and then you'll see the Plaguelands sitting on the upper right of the screen. It shares the Cosmodrome's theme of a Golden Age industrial area set in Russia and its general look and feel, but there's no crossing between the two - on foot anyway, you can always go to orbit and then drop back down into the other area. The Plaguelands is home to several of the missions that you'll play through in the story campaign, a new social hub, and a new patrol zone.

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The new social hub is the Iron Temple on Felwinter Peak and it will open up for access during the story campaign. As such, you'll need to at least start the campaign (and there's a big reward waiting for you if you finish it) and only players who have purchased Rise of Iron will have access to it. It has a completely different feel to it than the other social hubs in the game, being set on a snowy peak on the steps of the Iron Lords' Temple. Since it's an Iron Lords production, it's heavy on Nordic influences and even has its own resident wolf pack (trivia time, the mo-cap for the wolves in the game was provided by Quigly, who also plays Ghost in Game of Thrones). You'll also find the usual gang of vendors here, so you can pick up new bounties or consult a Cryptarch if you'd like. This is also the location for the quest givers for both the story missions and the post-campaign quest lines.

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I was able to spend a little bit of time in the patrol zone, so I'm sure that I only saw a small part of it. The starting area looks like it was once a shipping yard and is piled high with shipping containers as well as a large cargo ship that hasn't touched water in a very long time. The area has been scarred by SIVA, and you'll see red glowing gashes in the buildings and pulsating SIVA nodes throughout the zone. There's every indication that exploration will be rewarded with new areas and secrets to discover. I was able to find one myself - by climbing to the top of the cargo ship, jumping onto a container suspended high above the ground on a loading crane, and then making the jump to the building across the way I was able to find an area that was a maze of shipping containers.

Go a bit further afield and you'll encounter a volcanic landscape, and you'll find an entrance into the side of the largest one. This is the site of Archon's Forge, a multiplayer event zone. It's a bit like summoning demons on the Dreadnaught in that you need special items that are inserted into a control panel to kick-off the event, but the battles feel more like a limited horde mode than a boss battle. The battles themselves are varied, but they have a similar base format of survival against attacking waves of enemies.

Once a battle is about to begin, you'll have to enter the forge right away because a wall will form around the area. Players that don't make it in in time will be locked out until the next battle, and players inside won't be able to leave until it's over. Or until they are killed and forced to respawn because no one else revived them - the respawn point is outside the wall that prevents you from entering the area. Players that manage to survive to the end of the event are awarded in a similar manner to that they are at the end of a public event, sweeping up dropped loot and encrypted engrams.

This concludes my series of sneak peeks at the new content coming in Rise of Iron. If you missed my previous articles, you can find them below. See you on Felwinter Peak next week!

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