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Ned Jordan
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Hands-on with the new Supremacy mode in Rise of Iron.

The Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny will feature a new six-on-six team-based game mode in the Crucible and will also add two new maps to the rotation. I had the chance to try out the new mode on both new maps during a recent visit to Bungie's studio in Bellevue, Washington. The new game mode is called Supremacy, and the mode is introduced with instructions to: 'Defeat your opponents, take their crests'. If you've played multiplayer in any recent Call of Duty game, then you'll find Supremacy to have a lot in common with that game series' Kill Confirmed mode. When you take out a Guardian on the opposing team you are not immediately given credit for the kill. When defeated, Guardians drop glowing objects, crests, where they fell. In order to get credit for the kill either you or an ally must grab the crest. If the enemy team grabs the crest first, then you won't get any credit for the kill.

Supremacy is a score-based mode that gives one point to the player who picks up an enemy crest and one point to the player that scored the kill for that crest. If you manage to pick up the crest for your own kill, then you'll score both points. If you pick up an allied crest, then you'll score a point while denying the enemy team any points. Each team's score is the sum of its players' scores with the first team to 150 points, or the team with the most points after ten minutes, winning the match.

Supremacy is an enjoyable mode that puts a new twist on Clash. Battles tend to be more focused and intense than in Clash as groups of players try to whittle down the opposition to the point that they can safely scoop up the bounty of crests left behind. There are also new tactics to employ such as lying in wait using a crest as bait or making a running slide through the middle of a battle to scoop up a pile of crests while the other players are distracted by each other. And multi-kills are even more satisfying when you are there to immediately sweep up the crests and can see a stream of point credits appear on the screen. I only had the chance to play through three matches, so it will be interesting to see how player tactics for this mode evolve once the expansion launches.

The two new maps coming to Destiny are Last Exit, set in Ishtar Sink, Venus, and Skyline, set in Meridian Bay, Mars. While both set at Golden Age Off World Transit centers, each of these two maps has its own distinct character. Last Exit has small open areas outside the center, while the central structure resembles a subway station. There are two natural chokepoints at the aboveground entrances that lead down to the station area, one of which features another tactical twist in that it is too long and steep to provide a sightline from top to bottom. Underground there is a maze of tunnels, as well as some train cars that can either provide cover or force players into some very tight quarters.

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Skyline has a very different feel to it as it features large exterior and interior spaces. The transition spaces between indoors and out provide for some chokepoints, though, and require that you pass through two sets of closing doors to cross between areas. The open spaces are broken up by crates and other objects, so there's a decent amount of cover and a number of options for crossing the spaces and flanking your opponents.

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I always enjoy spending some time in Kill Confirmed when I play Call of Duty, so I'm really looking forward to jumping into Supremacy when it's added to the Crucible with Rise of Iron.

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