Destiny: Rise of Iron - The Strikes

Ned Jordan
In Short
A firsthand look at the new strikes in Destiny: Rise of Iron, The Wretched Eye and Sepiks Perfected.

Destiny: Rise of Iron includes two new strike missions: The Wretched Eye and Sepiks Perfected. Sepiks Perfected is the new version of The Devil's Lair strike, which if you've played before you'll remember ended in a battle with Sepiks Prime. Now that Sepiks Prime has led the House of Devils to acquire SIVA, it's been reborn as Sepiks Perfected. The Wretched Eye is a new strike that has your fireteam investigating the source of an army of Hive being controlled by Splicers ' Fallen jacked up on SIVA. At first glance Splicers look like Fallen, but on closer inspection you'll see the red glow of the SIVA coursing through their bodies. The Splicers need to be put down right away because if you let them get away from you while wounded they will regenerate their health and come at you anew.

Both strikes take place on Earth and so have that familiar Cosmodrome feel to them, but the SIVA nodes and scars give the environments a fresh look. They each feature new Hive traps, which look like giant bear traps. The traps are harmless when dark, but if you enter one while it is glowing you'll become trapped and unable to move. Some areas are literally covered with these traps and you'll need to time your jumps carefully to make your way through without getting caught.

Facing Sepiks at the end of the Sepiks Perfected strike is challenging because the battle takes place on a loading dock platform that doesn't give you a lot of room to maneuver. There are crates on the dock that can be used for cover from Sepiks' attacks, but a steady stream of Fallen reinforcements will keep flushing you out and force you to fight them at close quarters.

The Wretched Eye ends in a battle with a Splicer Priest, Kovik. When you first enter his chamber all that you will see is a massive Ogre with spiked balls for hands tethered in place in the center of the chamber. Don't waste your ammo on the Ogre, though, as it is invulnerable to attack. Soon your real target, the priest, will appear and you'll have to contend with him. Kovik is powerful in his own right, but he quickly complicates matters by releasing the Ogre and then calling in Splicers and Hive to attack your fireteam. The battle is pretty intense as you not only have to contend with Kovik and his minions, but you have an enormous invulnerable battering ram let loose into the mix. It's a great test of your situational awareness as you try to keep track of where all of the threats are at any given moment.

That's what you have to look forward to with the strikes that are a part of Rise of Iron. I'll have more sneak peeks into other new features of this expansion soon.

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Transmitted: 12/16/2018 5:17:57 PM