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Diablo III: Book of Cain Review

In Short
Ever wish that you could hold one of the books that you find while playing Diablo III in your hands and leaf through its pages?

If you've played Diablo III yet, you'll be familiar with the characters of Deckard Cain and his adopted daughter, Leah.  Not only are they both important characters in the game, Cain's extensive knowledge about the demons that plague the world of Sanctuary help to build the world of Diablo III and make the game a more immersive experience.  Some of this knowledge is communicated to players through books and tomes discovered while making their way through the game, and almost certainly many of them have thought about what it would be like to actually find one of those tomes in our world, and to sit down, leaf through its pages, and discover all of the secrets that Cain has spent his life discovering.  Well, it turns out that in a way you can do just that. 

Diablo III: Book of Cain is available in a hardbound edition that you can purchase and add to your own bookshelf, perhaps in the hopes that an adventurer will one day smash the shelf and be rewarded with the discovery of your book.  Or you could just spend hours delving into its nearly 150 pages of text and art, learning more of the fascinating world of Sanctuary than you can get from several play-throughs of the game.  The book's cover is embossed with the familiar demonic skull that serves as the logo for the game and is made to look like an ancient volume of great importance.  The book's pages have a weathered, antiqued look and have rough edges that evoke the look of linen paper.  The real treat, though, is the book's contents which feature extensive lore on the world of Sanctuary and its demonic pantheon.  Also included are handwritten notes from Cain himself, as well as his warnings and advice for Leah.  If you enjoy the game, then this book is an absolute must.  It is not only the perfect companion to the game's story, it will also feed your hunger to know about all things Sanctuary. 

Making the book an even more fascinating read for the Diablo III fan is the inclusion of hand-drawn line drawings and pen and ink illustrations provided by eight different artists (Brom, Mark Gibbons, Jim Gurney, John Howe, Alan Lee, Iain McCaig, Jean-Baptiste Monge, and Adrian Smith).  Anyone with an appreciation of fantasy art will thoroughly enjoy the illustrations that appear on the majority of the book's pages.  Rounding out the experience is the inclusion of a hand-drawn foldout map of Sanctuary that will let revisit the game's locations in your mind or let you see the parts of Sanctuary that remain to be explored.

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