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Found to be flatly unacceptable...

Ever since the Nicktoons channel started broadcasting a new Voltron series, Voltron Force, the property has seen a rise in popularity rivaling its heyday in the 80s. The new show, done with a mix of hand-drawn cel animation and computer animation, isn't all that hot, but if it serves to remind fans of the original, I'm all for it. The interest must be there, as Voltron: The Final Battle is the second recent DVD release of five episodes; the first contained the series' first five episodes, this one contains the last five of the first season. But fan or not, this DVD set is probably one you should skip.

Like I said, Voltron: The Final Battle only contains the last few episodes of season one. Anyone who knows my personal policy on DVD sets knows this is flatly unacceptable; the only TV on DVD sets worthy of my recommendation are ones that contain entire seasons. This DVD is an especially egregious offender, as the handful of episodes featured pick up the plot in media res and offer a season-ending but contextually confusing finale. The previous Voltron DVD release in this series contained the first few episodes of season one, and this one skips right up to the end of that same season. What of the episodes in between? Too bad, so sad at this point. Maybe the next DVD set will contain these lost episodes, but something tells me they won't.

Bizarre episode chronology aside, the episodes on this disc are actually worth watching. The battles here are some of the series best, and the animation and plotlines hold up to the test of time fairly well. But folks who choose to purchase this DVD may never know that. The series' subplots make little sense without previous episodes' exposition and the result is a handful of episodes that simply can't be appreciated for what they truly are. In my previous Voltron DVD review, I mentioned a series of DVDs released a few years ago. These mega sets smartly consolidated the entire series and remain the gold standard. Whether Voltron Force or nostalgia is your motivator for getting your Voltron on, stick with those sets. These just don't make the cut.

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Transmitted: 10/24/2017 1:33:57 AM