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Got game fuel?

In Short
Late night gaming session? Seattle's Best Coffee Iced Lattes are an option that don't come packed with calories or other questionable ingredients.

Gamers all have their favorite fuel for late night game sessions, energy drinks, cola, coffee' Personally, I stick to the traditional favorites because I prefer not to take a major calorie hit and load up on questionable additives in the name of getting through another level (or two). When it comes to coffee, I don't like the brewed stuff, which means I have to make a late night latte run if I want a nice caffeine infusion. Sure, there's the bottled stuff you can pick up at the grocery store, but I can't force myself to take all of the fat and sugar along with the caffeine.

When Seattle's Best Coffee sent me some of its new iced lattes to try, the first thing that I did was to have a look at the label - I had to know if these samples were going to cost me some extra time at the gym. I was pleasantly surprised to find that at 130 calories and 2g of fat per 9.5 ounce can, these iced lattes were a viable option for a late night gaming kick. I wouldn't sit down and drink a six pack, but a single can is well within acceptable parameters for me. A look at the ingredients revealed that the top three are coffee, non-fat milk, and sugar, so there's not a lot you wouldn't want to drink in there, and you don't have to worry about artificial sweeteners affecting the taste. And while on the topic of taste, the three flavors that I tried, latte, vanilla latte, and mocha, were all enjoyable. They're sweet, but not too much so, and creamy enough without tasting like a milkshake. I know that there are gamers who prefer to fuel late night gaming sessions with Red Bull and Cheetos, but for those of you who occasionally pull a late night gaming but don't want to look like they do every night, give Seattle's Best Coffee's Iced Lattes a try.

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Transmitted: 5/24/2018 11:21:30 PM