Far Cry 3 Videos & Trailers

Co-op Trailer
Take on Callum with three of your friends.

Dr. Earnhardt Gameplay Trailer
See Far Cry 3's world through the troubled eyes of Dr. Earnhardt, the island?s resident 'pharmacist'.

Far Cry 3 Revealed
Take a personal guided tour of the island.

Island Survival Guide Part 1: Welcome to the Rook
Discover the island's history and meet its residents.

Island Survival Guide: Psychopaths & Other Dangers
Discover the truth about the depraved drug & human trafficking on the island...

The Map Editor
A video walkthrough of Far Cry 3's map editing tools

Multiplayer Trailer
Battle cries, team support weapons, and new gameplay modes

Story Trailer
While vacationing on a beautiful tropical island, you and your friends are taken captive and held for ransom...

The Tyrant: Hoyt
Meet Hoyt, the depraved mastermind behind the insanity and atrocities of the island.