Battlefield 3 Videos & Trailers

Back to Karkand Gameplay Trailer
A look at what's included in the Back to Karkand expansion.

Battlelog Features
An inside look at the features of Battlefield 3's social platform.

Caspian Border Trailer
Multiplayer action on the Caspian Border map.

Destruction Gameplay Trailer
All of that trademark Battlefield destruction on display for your enjoyment.

Guillotine Gameplay Teaser
Watch U.S. Marine Sgt. Blackburn enter the city of Tehran in Operation Guillotine.

Multiplayer Trailer
Intense gameplay action from each of the nine multiplayer maps.

First gameplay trailer for the game.

Thunder Run Tank Gameplay Trailer
The Thunder Run Mission, as played by Executive Producer Patrick Bach at EA's 2011 E3 press conference.