By Mark Gray

Everyone has had that moment when watching their favorite sports team and says "What kind of play is that?", "Why are they keeping him in the game?", and the infamous "I could even do better". Now is the time to step up to the plate, literally and put your skills to the test. Out of the Park '14 is a baseball simulator that gives the player complete control over a team's destiny by playing as the Commissioner, GM, or both. I have played several mainstream sports games with simulators built in, however now I think of them as a mere fast forward button compared to OOTP14. Don t be fooled by the title, this isn't your typical MLB The Show; it is a text-based statistical model which is developed over time by your decisions.

Right off the bat you are presented with links to an online manual, tutorial videos, and the forums. As the game recommends for beginners, I took to the manual and videos. However after reading the manual and watching the videos I knew I was going to be in for a bumpy ride. There are several game types to choose from including Major League, Custom (create your own rules), Historical (play any historical season from 1871-2012), and Quick Start (start a pre-configured game similar to an exhibition). There is even an option for those who wish to continue their dynasty from OOTP '13. I chose to stay simple and started a Major League game.

89%. OOTP 14 is a complicated, in-depth simulator geared towards the hardcore gamers of fantasy leagues.