Ubisoft asks gamers to vote for Assassin's Creed II trophy/achievement

Ubisoft has put the final Assassin's Creed II trophy/achievement up to a fan vote.
From Ubisoft:

There are two different ways you can vote for your favorite Xbox 360 Achievement or PlayStation Trophy:

  1. Voting through a poll at the following site: http://www.assassinscreed.com/vote
  2. Voting through SMS by texting: AC2POLL to 67463 from your mobile phone (US only!)

There are four options to choose from:

  1. The Taste of Revenge - Kill "X" Brutes (heavy guard)
  2. Weapon Master - Use all weapons at least once.
  3. Victory Lies in Preparation - Get all available upgrades for Ezio
  4. Mighty Traveler - Travel "X" kilometers within the game


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Transmitted: 3/26/2015 4:22:43 PM