Albatross18 gives players the chance to win a monitor

OGPlanet today announced that it is giving players in Albatross18 a chance to win a lineup of prizes.
From OGPlanet:

Starting Aug. 7, OGPlanet will keep track of all the Albatross18 holes played through Thursday, Sept. 4. Players will receive special in-game items based on the amount of holes they play, and players who reach or surpass 2,000 holes by Sept. 4 will be entered to win a 20-inch computer monitor.

The prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • 200 Holes - 10 Power Milk Boxes
  • 600 Holes - 6 Stat Rings
  • 1,000 Holes - 10 Duostar Nerve Stabilizers and 10 Duostar Lucky Pangyas
  • 1,400 Holes - 1 stack of Mr. eCards
  • 2,000 Holes - Chance to win a 20-inch computer monitor


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