AVENCAST patch released

Lighthouse Interactive
Lighthouse Interactive announced today that they have released patch 1.04 for AVENCAST.
From Lighthouse Interactive:

The update is a multi-language version. AVENCAST: Rise of the Mage is available at major retail stores across Europe. Updates in Version 1.04:

  • GUI: Long log messages bound within box
  • UTF8 character support for controls
  • Dialog Caption: Text truncation bug fixed
  • Incorrect mana/health bonus from items bug fixed
  • options.exe: Language bug fixed
  • Adept03 name changed to "Dead Mage"
  • "find my true self" Easter egg removed
  • Workaround for telescope quest in Update 1.03 installed during running quest

To download Update 1.04 (file size: 5 MB) visit: www.lighthouse-interactive.com.


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